First Full Electric Aston Martin Sports Car Confirmed For 2025

M​r Moers has incited the next step of his plan for Aston Martin

4w ago

A​ston Martin has been going through ups and downs recently, their new boss Tobias Moers has now released his plan to fix all their problems (we've heard that before). I​n a recent interview with he explained

In 2025 or 2026, our next-generation sports car will be electric. It’s a given. When it comes to an electric platform, you create one that serves sports cars and SUVs, two doors and four doors, you can be creative. So you merge platforms. We could do that (take a whole electric platform from Mercedes), that’s part of the technology transfer discussion. There’s a chance for the EQS platform, but is it the right platform for a sports brand?

An Aston Martin is a beautiful car, you need a rebel and a gentleman in one, and we can achieve that. You can maintain emotion. I did some exercises with having additional shakers in a car, because emotion is all senses. I think by 2030 we will have 50 per cent of the portfolio purely electric driven, minimum. The rest will be plug-in hybrid and probably a few hundred cars as a track tool. Because that’s still allowed, just for that.

S​o there you have it, the next gen sports car, which is likely to be the next Vantage will be electric. There is a possibility for powertrain transfer from Mercedes, like they are doing already but with combustion engines and a bit of a roadmap for 2030.

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Comments (3)

  • I am excited to see the future but it is a shame to know that cars as we know now will be gone soon

      29 days ago
  • Now, all Aston Martin has to do is get the brand known for a shorter hood/bonnet and some kind of fake, vestigial grill, and all will be well. As I've mentioned in another comment, going fast is no longer the preserve of massively expensive, speciality cars. Supercar performance comes as standard in a boring, cooking sedan/saloon car these days. Aston will need to reinvent itself entirely in the next few years, just as every other supercar builder. Times, they are a'changin'.

      26 days ago