- PC: Jerry Yee

First Generation (C4) Audi S4 Quattro Spotted!

21w ago


While out on a driving date, I decided that we should take some pictures of the San Francisco skyline from Treasure Island, and boy am I glad I did. After the pictures, as we were about to head into the city, I spotted this old Audi from the corner of my eye. After receiving permission from my girlfriend, I pulled over to take some closer shots.

PC: Jerry Yee

Upon closer inspection, I realized that this is a Typ4 or Audi 100 S4.

PC: Jerry Yee

This particular Audi S4 is an early model C4 Audi. Designed to replace the outgoing C3, the C4 was the first Audi model to have the performance model utilize the S nomenclature. Producing 230bhp from one of the most interesting engines ever, the inline 5. The Audi S4 was quite a fast sports saloon in itself, but it seemed Audi was not satisfied and they produced (in limited numbers) an even more powerful S4, called the S4 Plus with a 4.2L V8 producing 280bhp.

PC: Jerry Yee

Now the most interesting part about this car is not its performance. Rather, it would appear that this car has an identity crisis. Originally sold as the S4, in 1994, Audi facelifted the name along with the car. Post-1994, the C4 Audi dropped the 100 from Audi 100 and changed from being an A4 to an A6, meaning that the performance model also changed its name from S4 to S6. While all changes between the pre and post-facelifted models are purely cosmetic, the change in name certainly adds some confusion to the heritage of this car.

PC: Jerry Yee

Despite its original name being the S4, the C4 Audi is more akin to the S6 (which it later became) in the current Audi lineup due to its size and displacement. Quite an interesting fact about this car for a car related pub-quiz, if I do say so myself.

What do you think of this car? Is the C4's identity crisis as interesting for you as it was for me?



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