First glimpse of the Audi RS3 Testing!

Does it have AMG beating potential?

34w ago

I love the fact that the first glimpse we ever get of a new car is seeing it hurtle round the Nurburgring. Carmakers flock to the Green Hell in desperate need of handling kudos, and as a result, it is the paps job to snap the latest creations!

And when some brand new photos come through, and for once I'm actually allowed to use them without breaking copyright rules, it is a bundle of fun!

In case you hadn't noticed from the cover photo, the one that was spotted was the new saloon. And I have to say that while the hatch has arguably becoming more awkward in its latest generation, the saloon has become more elegant and flowing. At the rear we see the typical fat quattro tailpipes, large Audi wheels and the faintest hint of a diffuser that probably doesn't diffuse. But that's beside the point.

The front of the car actually contains more fake ventage than bodywork. Is black the primary colour and the lurid paint the secondary? It says something when Audi's smallest sedan has a larger grille than the 7 Series. But while a grille of that size looks out of place on the Beemur, it just works with the Audi. Don't question it!

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  • My only issue with the current RS3 is that it looks too much like an S3...which I just sold last year. Now that I have seen the new A3 and S3 I have high hopes for the next generation RS3. The new interior on the standard car is vastly improved too so any additional RS treatment there will be greatly appreciated. If it is anything close to this Motor1 rendering it'll be a homerun.

      6 months ago