First impression of my new 2019 G Wagon

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41w ago


Having previously had a G63, I had been keenly following the progress of the facelift version through from initial rumours, spy shots, leaks & even the early UK G63 press car I was able to drive into the F1 at Spa some months back, with Mercedes themselves. Somewhere during this hype train, I put my order in for the new G63, with final confirmation I had made a great choice when I drove the car back at Spa. It is epic.

Collection day finally came around a couple of weeks ago, a sunny Saturday morning. Archie arrived at mine first thing in his Range Rover SVR, (a very real contender for the G63’s main and only true rival in my mind). We wafted there in the SVR, also unfortunately joined by Tony (Gravelwood Car Sales) who sat up front. I was Vlogging when we arrived at the dealership, Mercedes Benz Ascot, and there was a small crowd of friends there to greet us.

Admin & paperwork done, it was now time to take the covers off. Those that’d turned up unaware what I was collecting would have had that surprise very quickly ruined upon spying the covered vehicle. It looked like a small building with a drape over it. No mistaking what lay under there. Covers were whipped off by myself and Marcus, (sales chap who has been fantastic) to the customary awkward crowd clapping, and stroll around the vehicle from myself saying things like ‘sick’ and pointing at the shiny bits.

I must admit though, until this point I had not laid eyes on the spec, only had seen a few rushed pics in the PDI bay. Very pleased though how it came out, especially as it is slightly off the usual spec you see G63’s with, (black/black, black/red, white/black or white/red). I went for a (I think classy) Mojave Designo Silver, black Designo quilted leather inside, full carbon options inside with the all-important carbon flat bottom AMG wheel, the upgraded wheels, night pack and more. Not a cheap spec, but one I am buzzing with and well worth it in my opinion.

2 weeks into ownership and I am in love. It is every single bit as epic and iconic as the last one, just brought up to date and improved in every way critics argued it should be. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my old one, flaws and all, but this new one has managed to retain the special vibe, & bring it into 2019 with the quality and flair you’d expect on a £160,000 AMG product. The handling was the main bug bear of the last one, and I can vouch that this one is miles better. You won’t be setting any lap records, but the comedy handling from the last version is slightly less ludicrous – in a good way. It actually corners. This hasn’t dampened the fun though of being in a high sided, vertical windscreened, 577BHP, 2.5 tonne military truck that does 60mph in around 4 seconds. It absolutely BARRELS along. I find myself crying with laughter driving it. And that noise, it’s chaos on wheels. Such an event.

With the main body of deliveries not starting until a few months into next year, now is not a bad time to pick one up if you can find one. If the old one’s residuals are anything to go by also, this won’t cost you too much either. They are currently even trading at anything up to £30,000 over. More to come on my Youtube channel, but for now, the G63 is here to stay, and I love it.