F​irst Impressions to Driving : Tom's Opinion

I​ haven't been driving for long, but doesn't stop me from getting annoyed at people.

40w ago

I doubt it comes to a surprise to any of you, but I am not that old. At the time of writing this I am 18 and I have been driving for nearly 2 years (1 year and 8 months, so not really 2, but it makes me personally feel better) so I am not the most experienced driver on the grey tarmac. However, there have been some things that have slightly got on my nerves over my extensive time on the roads. So, I will rant about them for you.


Firstly, and most prominently in my mind, is indicators. Just think about the poor, unappreciated man sitting in the BMW design centre, spending hours of his long, tiresome day, perfecting the ergonomic properties of the indicator stalk, whilst most people can’t be bothered to show me which way they’re going out of a sodding junction. I know I used the stereotype of BMW drivers not indicating, but frankly any owner of any manufacture of car can be guilty for this horrific crime. I may be overreacting here, but I believe it’s just common courtesy for the fellow road user, to just move your finger a couple of inches from the wheel to let me know where you’re going so I can react according. Don’t worry, it often comes with the turning of the steering wheel, so you don’t need to put in any extra effort. Oh, I almost forgot, they turn themselves off (most of the time) when you’re finished, so no hassle of moving those couple of inches again. Plus, it makes pretty lights come from your car.


Next is one that is a little more serious, since it could cost someone a lot of money or more. I had an occasion once where I was pulling out onto a mini roundabout and someone comes flying in front of me, from the left, since they clearly didn’t realise it was a roundabout and thought it was a straight road. If it wasn't for my lightning reactions as a youth, I could've lost my couple of months of no claims. If only the made a sign to show when there’s a roundabout up ahead, so you could prepare for such an occasion. I know it can be difficult to remain 100% focused throughout every second of every drive, but some lapses of concentration could be fatal. This can also come in the form of spatial awareness. And just so most of you know, no, you’re Hyundai I10 is not as wide as a double-decker bus, so you can fit through that 10-metre-wide gap.

L​ane Discipline

Lastly, is one that I care slightly less about, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care at all. A lot of people don't seem to realise that there are faster lanes and slower lanes in the system. So, in case you didn't, (in the UK at least) further to the left are the slower lanes and I'll let you work out the rest. However, there are some excuses for why someone may be going very slow in the outside lane. Maybe there’s a slight gradient and you didn’t judge how well the vehicle would journey up it without the right amount of momentum, or maybe you’re turning off soon and need to be there. But Keith, you don’t need to be doing 20 under the limit in the outside lane because your turning is 8.4 miles away. Just move over when you need to. But please for the love of all that is sacred and holy in this universe that is our own, indicate when you do it.

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  • You could be my doppelganger, I'm 18 myself and the only difference is that I live in Germany. Great article👍🏻

      9 months ago