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First Impressions:Tesla Cybertruck.

Will this giant truck Smash record sales? Or smash the company that built it?

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(This is a first impression review, The cybertruck may change design later)

When I was watching the presentation of Tesla`s new Cybertruck I was expecting something similar to the Tesla Semi mixed with the body of a standard-issue F-150 pickup truck I expected something like that since it actually looked somewhat nice but... as soon I came back from my toilet break during the unveiling I started to seriously consider that Coca cola instead of putting the usual chemical ingredients on the recipe they appeared to put mashed leaves of cocaine plant with a couple drops of LSD by accident. I was certainly hoping this thing was just a big troll move from Elon Musk and that the actual cybertruck would then ram this joke from behind in a thundering appearance but... Unless he`s trolling us again as he always does... this is the cybertruck and based on what I saw... I have to agree with the majority of the internet when it comes to speak on this rolling wedge of stainless steel powered by electricity...

-Exterior design.

When it comes to talk about the exterior design of the Tesla cybertruck it`s pretty obvious the public didn`t kindly take the triangle-based design of the Cybertruck since it resembles a Pythagorean theorem with wheels mixed with the stainless steel body of a Delorean DMC-12,

And... I sadly have to agree with the many critics regarding the triangle design, Although The stainless steel has proven to be armored and very resistant to damage of any kind I can`t help but relive my daycare days when we were just given a bottle full of crayons and tons of paper to scribble whatever brain farts we had on mind while we were drooling all over our gowns full of stains, Seeing the cybertruck I can`t help but wonder if Elon stole one of the many drawings made by young children and said "This is a genious design! a triangle!"

Although this would be enough roasting on the design it still wouldn`t end here since it`s just impossible to stop, It has the aerodynamics of an EMC 18000hp -B-B Diesel locomotive (although this last one is nicer looking) making air resistance an issue not to mention It would get extremely noisy at highway speeds with a wedge-like shape

And... Knowing in Europe how strict safety laws on pedestrian safety are I doubt the Tesla cybertruck could be road legal outside of quarries or closed environments, Let alone the Cybetruck is also dificult to classify in europe, would it be a pickup? a pickup truck? or just a full sized truck with the shape of a pickup? I got to admit I have NEVER been more confused on my life.

Exterior design 1/5. (Since 0 isn`t posible on the ranking)

-Interior & Interior features

when it comes to talk about the Interiors of Tesla cars when I hear from the fans/fanboys alike "Minimalist interior" I always hear a nice but subtle way of saying "base model interior" Previous models like the S & X make the Model 3 & Cybertruck look worse in comparison, There`s just too much emptiness around the interior in general terms making you think they forgot to assemble it on the production line, however I like the conventional approach taken with the seats that altough the brick-like shapes never go away... they somehow look actually nicer than the exterior.

I also have to mention that Elon Musk designed the cybertruck inspired by the Blade runner films looking for a futuristic aesthetic towards showing us how the future would look like and the steering wheel is no exception to the futuristic design cues, I can surely see the steering bar imitates also to some extent the steering "wheel" of the famous K.I.T.T replicas in order to harmonize with the futuristic design of the cybertruck making maneuvering this electric behemoth a more difficult task than what already is unless this model shown it`s just the conceptual model of the brand, Otherwise accidents on these will surely be pretty... Smashing.

If it comes to sticking a tablet on a plastic wall, cramming a lot of functions like autopilot, A/C and settings like traction control or manual controls Tesla surely leads the market in the base model interior market (I also hope that the "bricking" issue in older models has been fixed, otherwise the brick shape of the cybertruck will be more of both a software & hardware issue.)

However I still liked something when I was seeing the interior renders of the interior of the Cybetruck. I can see it will pack a spacious interior with a 2X3 configuration making it an ideal vehicle for carrying small groups of workers in/out of construction sites or hard to drive roads alongside their equipment on the bed which sacrifices the protection of a plastic cover to don`t affect too much the futuristic aesthetics of the truck, being honest adding 5-10k extra on the interior design wouldn`t hurt too much in order to make it attractive in the market knowing it already packs superior capabilities to many trucks available for purchase on the US.

Interior/INTerior FEATURES 2/5

-Performance & Customization options

This last section towards the other quirks and features I certainly can talk VERY good about the cybertruck since it packs many features other manufacturers don`t pack on their vehicles, It certainly deserves the 4.5/5 score if we forget about the 0.5 regarding the color options for the cybertruck making it a bit bland in those.

It is a VERY good decision on their part, to go forward... take two steps back and then another three forward.

If it's about talking about performance, I'm sure that Cybertruck is not missing anything when it comes to talk about sheer performance. The Cybertruck packs enough torque to pull more than 6 tons of weight on its own and twist the whole world in the process, Just so you have an idea about the pulling power of the cybertruck... a common Irizar Scania bus can weight up to 18 Tons without any passengers aboard, You would need three basic models of them to pull it effortlessly, easily over 117.900€ which is pretty cheap in comparison to the top of the brand Tesla Model S P100D.

As for other capabilities like cornering and general handling that has yet to be proven since it was often "rumored" that this utility vehicle could beat Porsche at the cornering game... will it all be unproven claims and smoke like with the modified P100D Brought at the Nurburgring?

The cybertruck packs 3 versions beginning from the basic 250-mile range to the 500-mile range however knowing about the aerodynamics of it and that it will be usually hauling something heavy often The range may differ from what was originally announced.

If it comes to the features... I`m certainly blown away knowing about the trailer option for the cybertruck it`s certainly innovative, and it goes in harmony with the design of it, and seems to be quite spacious to fit 4 draft horses inside making the trailer pretty useful for farm or material hauling work, Knowing the space available on the bed I can say the Cybertruck would pack pretty much a big punch if there was a two-seater version (Previous bodywork redesign of course)

although you can request a bed cover for your average Japanese pickup Making it blend with other vehicles on the road fooling everyone into thinking you have a common car I got to say that it`s certainly impressive for the Cybertruck to have camper capabilities within the bed of the truck (Although Judging by the renders I presume only two people may be able to sleep inside the bed of the truck)

and if that`s not enough for you...You can always pack the optional cyber-quad in the back of it and have some rough offroading fun with it, this feature was also shown on cars like the Old Honda city which packed the famous Honda Motocompo designed towards mobility on big cities like japan. It is a VERY good decision on their part, to go forward... take two steps back and then another three forward.

Final thoughts & score.

I know that cars like the Impreza weren`t exactly perfect since their release, But knowing the present times and many years of experience with manufacturers it is very RISKY to go 50 years back in the past looking for car styling cues being aware of the financial situation of the Californian brand.

The cybertruck however, isn`t doomed to fail being aware of the many orders placed on it, It packs a lot of cool features the current trucks on the markets don`t pack and... although making the price rise by 20-40k$ would deter many tight budget buyers Investing it into a more aerodynamic design to help contribute towards efficiency and pedestrian safety wouldn`t harm, let alone making something different from the overused formula of luxury exterior mixed with a base model interior

If Elon musk considered the honest critics rather than hearing the unconditional fanboyism I could assure you that the cybertruck would sweep the floor with the big 3 on the market, Unfortunately... The cybertruck is partially wasted potential thanks to obvious design flaws and Tesla has yet homework to do with the model 3... Will we ever see it? or will it just be an abandoned concept of a defunct brand?

Overall score 3 ( paired with the 0.5 fairness factor)

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  • I have the feeling that no one will give this truck a middle of the ground rating.

    If they need the performance then looks won’t matter.

    If they want the looks, performance won’t matter.

    The design was dictated by function so any conventional design will compromise performance. ie, you won’t get both.

      8 months ago