F​irst production-ready Battista to make public debut at Monterey Car Week

F​eaturing a black exposed carbon fibre body, the car will make an appearance at the Monterey Car Week along with the Battista Anniversario.

6w ago

A​fter years of anticipation, the first production-ready Pininfarina Battista will make its public debut later on this month during the Monterey Car Week (12-15 August 2021).

Featuring a black exposed carbon fibre body and Iconica Blu interior accents, this Battista is an incredibly high spec. The example also features the optional Impulso rims. Constructed entirely of forged aluminium, these centre-locking rims save a total of 8.9kg.

Featuring black sustainable luxury leather with Iconica Blu contrast stitching, this Battista combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship in an eco-friendly manner. The Pilots seats are dressed in Pininfarina’s signature Iconica Blu Alcantara.

I​n addition to this production-ready Battista, the 1 of 5 Battista Anniversario will also make an appearance during the Monterey Car Week. Not only is the Anniversario the rarest iteration of the Battista, but - at €2.6 million - it’s also the most expensive Battista available.

Back in April, I got the opportunity to see the Anniversario in person - click here to read my article on that experience.

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