First real ride of the season on the new (to me) Aprilia RSV Mille R Haga

Spent the winter going over this bike and servicing it, now it is time to get out on the road. This bike is exceeding my expectations. Very happy.

1w ago

For those following me, you know I have a passion for 90s and 00s superbikes. Have talked extensively about how I feel this era offers a lot of performance for the money. Many of these quasi vintage bikes are massively under rated. Late last year I bought an Aprilia RSV Mille R Haga edition. The Mille R was the top of the line Aprilia of the day. It featured all the weapons grade parts you would expect on an Italian exotic. Ohlins front and rear, OZ wheels, Brembo brakes, and a decent bit of carbon fiber.

Since the bike arrived over the winter, there was little to do other then clean, inspect and service. Things like tires and brake pads were changed and upgraded. The engine was serviced and all and all things went way easier then most on the internet would have you believe. Parts are easily ordered direct from Aprilia and the whole bike feels like a quality item.

Other then basic servicing the only other jobs done were returning a few minor things to stock. After that I quietly waited for the weather to break so I could get the bike out on the road and stretch it's legs.

Over the weekend the outside temperatures got above 50F and the roads were clear. Time for a cold, but fun ride. I have a 60 mile loop near me that has a great mix of open roads, down town and tight twists. Perfect afternoon ride.

The bike performed amazingly well. Everyone had told me I would be impressed with the bike, but I can confidently say this bike has exceeded my wildest expectations. It is WAY more comfortable then any other superbike I have ever ridden. It feels like you could ride all day every day on it. Welcome change to some of the other bikes in my garage.

Engine is strong and tractable. It seems just has happy screaming at high RPM as it does puttering around town. Sure that might not matter to a racer, but for someone that rides their bikes on the roads in the real world it is great to have one less thing to worry about.

Handling is so sharp. It is a bike that inspires confidence. I fully admit I am not the fastest or best rider in the world. This bike is fast, yet enjoyable. In contrast my Bimota SB6R is fast, but requires attention a focus to hustle on the road.

Weather is supposed to hold this week, so I will take the Aprilia to work a couple of days and start racking up the miles. I have a feeling this will be my go to bike for the season.

What other bike at this price point even comes close? A while I go I had featured a few sales of other RSV in my smart buy series. Seemed only fitting for me to pull the trigger on one. Any other owners here?

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Comments (5)

  • That looks a lot like an area I used to hike in Upstate NY.

      5 days ago
  • Glad to see you were able to get out for a good ride. The Aprilla is looking great!

      8 days ago
  • Love the Aprilia and the livery!

      5 days ago