First Ride for the CL450 Honda

After a few years of storage, and a few days in the garage the scrambler took the first ride in a long time.

36w ago


Always nice when a project bike does not fight you to much to get back on the road. While this bike was not the typical "barn find" that has sat for years in a damp garage there is always some love that a bike needs before taking it out on the road.

I started with the super basic stuff. First I ordered a battery and pulled the carb bowls. The tank did not have any fuel in it and I assumed the carbs were drained based on how clean the bowls were. Plugs were inspected and found to be new. The bike has upgraded coils too. Overall I had a fair bit of confidence that the last owner had stored the bike correctly and did the best he could to insure that the next time it was to be run it would not need much.

At this point I figured I was getting supper lucky! Normally I spend most of my time correcting the damage the last owner did. In my last post I talked about how easily the bike started the first time. The issue was that there was a foot of snow on the ground and that prevented me from taking the bike out for a ride that day. But once the snow cleared I had a chance to try and ride it. I say try because I only needed to get to the end of the driveway to know I was not so lucky as I had thought.

Honestly I was being unrealistic and should have pulled the carbs for a full cleaning day one. Some dried fuel had plugged up the jets. Took very little to clean out.

While VERY clean, some dried fuel clogged a few jets.

While VERY clean, some dried fuel clogged a few jets.

Lucky the job only takes about an hour or so. Popped both carbs off, pulled the jets, cleaned and put everything back together. Also found that the carbs had some funky settings in them, so that was corrected too. This time the bike fired up and when put into gear pulled hard.

Rode down to the local gas station to top the bike off and headed right out for a nice ride. Only put ten or so miles on it, but in that ride I exceeded 70MPH, played on a twisty back road and took the bike down a small trail to check out a local river and waterfall.

Fairly cold, but fun day.

Fairly cold, but fun day.

Tires were fairly new and soft so I felt safe to ride on them. Probably will change them out to something a bit more aggressive. Suspension felt great. There were no leaks that need to be addressed. Oil was new. Brakes stopped the bike well. The only thing that popped up was that the clutch feels a little weak. Will investigate to see if it is just out of adjustment, but might just change it anyway. Parts are cheap and I plan to remove the engine cases to polish them.

I feel very spoiled that so little was needed to get this bike back safely on the road.

What do you guys normally need to go through to get a bike that has been sitting back on the road? Care to share any stories?

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