First Spy Shot Of 2020 BMW M3

3w ago


Tuning garage Evolve Automotive sent the internet into meltdown this week when they posted the first undisguised photo of the 2020 BMW M3 to their Facebook page. The photo reveals a more muscular rear end than anyone had anticipated, even though it appears the rear diffuser has yet to be installed.

As far as 2020 releases, the most anticipated of them all is the new BMW M3 although BMW has been especially coy about confirming details. The sports saloon is expected to be packing 500 bhp from a twin-scroll turbocharged straight-six engine.

It's also likely that the new M3 motor will inherit the same water injection system featured in the current M4. Water injection is used to reduce cylinder temperature by spraying water into the intake manifold, which evaporates into vapor. It has a similar cooling effect as sweat on the body and allows high horsepower engines to run more efficiently.

The 2020 BMW M3 will likely be the last 'traditional' M3'. BMW had planned to incorporate a hybrid engine into the new model but it was scrapped after engineers couldn't shave enough weight from the vehicle to justify it.

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