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4y ago

McLaren Automotive, the Wokingshire-based and famously po-faced purveyor of bespoke British supercars, has today unveiled its first ever joke.

Robin Crane, the bird-brained head of humour at the laugh-proofed underground production facility, told a group of stoney faced reporters, 'Building cutting-edge performance vehicles is no laughing matter! Until now!' Early reactions suggest it still isn't.

The 'feather wrap', applied to a 570GT, is made from the remains of local carbon-fibre crows that have been shot outside the factory for crapping on the grass. It is claimed to reduce turbulence at the boundary layer at high speed, and has been created to inject some much-needed bantz into proceedings in the workplace.

'This is our contribution to the tradition of April Fool wit,' says Crane. 'But we have done it on 31st March rather than April 1st, because we wanted to win something.' Rumours suggest next year's joke may be unveiled as early as February.

A public affairs spokesman has vigorously denied claims that this is, in fact, McLaren's second joke, since the touch-screen on the early MP4-12C was 'pretty bloody laughable'.

Photo credit: not Bernard Manning

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