First Toy Show in ages


10w ago

I attended a toy show this morning, first one in at least a couple years, due to covid, my being out of the area often when they took place, and me maybe not being the most voracious collector these days. My area is apparently doing ok with vaccinations, so this was allowed to take place. As this show was close to home, I had no excuse not to go. The hall at the local fairgrounds had several dozen sellers with toys of all types. As one might know, I am kind of hard to shop for - older material isn't common, those who do have it either have playworn stuff or material I already have, this is especially the case with Matchbox, that or they are overpriced. Good luck finding older mint/boxed Tomica and Majorette. I didn't expect to find much - in the past I had luck sometimes, but not always.

As I paid to get in, I had to buy something, and I found a few things. First, a couple of 90s era Herpa 1:43 MBs. These may have been promo items, they remind me of items in the MB Museum gift shop, similar to Minichamps. There's a W140 600 SEL and a W210 E320. More uncommon might be the small scale Schuco Audi 100 LS, this little gem is mint and is something a little obscure. $5 apiece for the 3 was fair.

Lots of modern diecast at the show, no surprise (I was surprised nobody had one of the Matchbox fintails, still gotta find one), one seller had a selection of decent loose Tomica, but nothing I needed. Lots of old Matchbox and HWs too, but nothing I needed. It was fairly crowded, probably a couple hundred people there by an hour after opening, the hobby is alive and well. That is all.

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