First TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge patch irons out early creases

1y ago


Developer Kylotonn's first update for TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge has been released, bringing with it a host of improvements and fixes.

The patch notes read slightly differently for the PC and PS4 versions, but there is crossover between the two such as improved rider animations and AI opponents that act more competitively and less like lemmings.

PC changes include trigger feedback for Xbox gamepads, updated pilot’s animations, "resolution" and "refresh rate" values are now associated with the type of screen selected, AI pilots are less likely to collide with other vehicles, increased AI brake skill and adjusted AI turn skill to avoid being too slow during a turn.

PS4 adjustments, meanwhile, include fixing a problem that caused the engine noise to go out of sync after several laps, two unwanted crash instances, a Kawasaki VX10R front wheel graphical glitch and adding the ability to adjust vibration sensitivity.

Those who play on Xbox One are, unfortunately, still waiting to see the patch. We will let you know as soon as either the update appears or we can find out when it is scheduled.

Despite a number of teething problems, we gave TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge a thumbs up in our review, stating that, "those who persevere will find themselves immersed in one of the fastest, most tense racing games money can buy".

With the addition of sidecar racing on the horizon and continued support from Kylotonn to rectify issues, motorsports enthusiasts could certainly do a lot worse than give it a go.

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