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So my profile picture and my Drive Tribe header is from when I went to Llandow Circuit in South Wales to have a go in a Artic truck. It was a truck experience for my 18th birthday back in April this year (2016). Also there is a number plate directly above my head with the words 'TOMMY' on it and that was the driving instructors name. Exciting isn't it!

Now let's be honest the truck itself wasn't the best make in the world in my opinion (Because it was a Renault). WHICH IS BIASED! But I honestly think Volvo is the best. But Volvo also has very high leasing rates that I have heard from several companies. But Volvo is shared by Renault and they create trucks together. So I can't be too harsh. That's why companies look towards Mercedes-Benz or DAF.

For me that was the best birthday present I have ever had, because that's who I am.

Now it is time to wrap this article up but that is always very difficult so lets just end it here. See you soon!

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