Fisker EMotion - A Tesla Beater?


4y ago

Even before Tesla Model S surfaced, there was an electric car called the Fisker Karma - it never took off but now the market has matured somewhat, their having another crack at it!

It has a top speed of 161mph and a maximum range of 400 miles (you won't be able to get that range doing 161mph) and is most likely all-electric although not confirmed.

It looks far more refined than their previous efforts and the butterfly doors (see below) will certainly draw attention - Fisker claim they greatly aid ingress/egress.

The EMotion will be constructed of carbon and aluminion combined with graphene batteries. Tech wise it will be loaded, including fully autonomous driving ability when the law allows it.

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Comments (2)

  • Will be interesting to see late next year if they achieve their goal. Thanks for that.

      4 years ago
  • I need to find out more . this has caught my interest , like the concept of the build.

      4 years ago