- Pic Credit: Fisker

Fisker Ocean is the EV SUV that takes on Tesla's Model Y

Cheaper than the model Y and comes with California Mode and will be launched in Europe, China, India and a few more countries in Asia.

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Fisker is very famous for the Karma, now Fisker has come out with an all electric SUV that takes on Tesla's Model Y. Fisker says that the SUV will be able to do 300 miles per charge. It will also feature a solar panel roof and people will be able to get it around the end of 2021.

Pic Credit: Fisker

Pic Credit: Fisker

...Cali Mode - gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sun..

The features on this car are neat. Karaoke mode, it is a feature that you also get in a Tesla, it will be available in the Ocean. Along with this, a mode that is unique - California Mode. Here, at the touch of button, all the windows wind down and the panels on the roof move backwards creating a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun and get lots of fresh air.

The numbers that were revealed by Fisker, was the performance version can go from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. This confirms that there will be multiple powertrain options for the Ocean. The only other number is, the base version of the car will be powered by a 80kWh battery pack.

Pic Credit: Fisker.

Pic Credit: Fisker.

...interior made from recycled materials...

Fisker have claimed that the Ocean is "world's most sustainable vehicle". This is backed up with the solar roof which can add a few miles. The second point for backing up this claim is the interior carpets are 'fully recycled carpeting'. Fisker say the carpet is made from abandoned fishing net waste that you get from the oceans and aquaculture. Fisker also say some of the interior parts are made from polyester fibres and recycled plastic bottles.

Now, what does all this cost you? $37,499 and with Federal tax credits with amounts to $7,500, its prices will start at $29,999. This is cheaper than the Tesla Model Y which is said to start at $42,500 before tax credits. Along with this you get leasing options and subscription options. Pretty up to date with the newer car ownership trend.

This could be the option when you don't want to buy a Model Y. This really gives the Y competition because price is a big factor and many people who care about sustainability and use of sustainably sourced or recycled materials will prefer this.

This model will be available in the US in 2021. Fisker will launch the Ocean in many countries in Europe, China, India and few more countries in Asia, but, that will happen in late 2021 and 2022.

I am curious to know your opinion on the Fisker Ocean, tell me in the comments.

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  • The car looks interesting, the EV market really is maturing quite quickly now.

    The solar roof is a bit gimmicky though - Tesla used to offer one as an option in Model S cars a few years ago, but a solar cell the size of a car roof generates too little electricity to really make a significant contribution...

      1 year ago