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Fisker teases the arrival of three new models

Reveal of the complete range in five years

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Nine years after the launch of Karma, Fisker finally announces the arrival of new models that will add to a range that is still not very diversified. The Fisker Ocean SUV has received nearly 30,000 pre-orders since its introduction six months ago, which is far from being a remarkable performance compared to the competition.

The SUV will therefore be supported by three new models that will join the American manufacturer's lineup over the next five years. The teaser published by Fisker highlights these three vehicles. There will be a coupe SUV with a high body line and a plunging roof line for a more dynamic style.

The EMotion sedan is shown in red in the teaser. The car is by no means a surprise because it was already presented two years ago. Carbon fiber and aluminum will be fitted on this car for a more sporty ride. The series production version of the EMotion will soon be presented and will then rival the Tesla Model S.

Finally, Fisker is counting on the arrival of an electric pickup truck to keep up with this promising segment, which already has a large number of competitors. Hidden under a tarpaulin, we do not yet know the design of the vehicle but it will be rather conservative unlike the Tesla Cybertruck for example.

Photo credits Fisker Automotive

Photo credits Fisker Automotive

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      1 day ago
  • Is it just me or does the grey/silver one look like a discovery?

      12 hours ago
  • EMotion is offically one of my big desires. I dont care if its shite, i want those doors­čść

      22 hours ago
  • They should probably start with having 1 actual car in production before they plan more.

      1 day ago
  • First of all Fisker is not rival to anyone as he has no production. He has lots of plans, maybe even a good will and some boy toys to show off, but no actual production car. Remember the last time? We all know how that ended up.

      1 day ago