Five awesome things to look forward to at SEMA 2017

The number one modding car show in the world kicks off next week

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Next week brings about one of the highlights of the motoring calendar - the SEMA Motor Show. Taking place in Las Vegas from Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November, the show is vastly based on aftermarket products, tuning and modding, with the cream of America's car scene being represented through hundreds of stands and dynamic shows.

DriveTribe will have a team at the event, filming the best snippets from the show as well as chatting to some of the stars of the US motoring industry, so here's what to expect from the show over the next week.

1. Live streams on DriveTribe with Ken Block, Vaughn Gittin Jr and BJ Baldwin

Hosted by Bill Caswell, we will be chatting to some true legends of the industry, kicking things off with Ken Block on Tuesday 31st at 10.00am PDT (1.00pm EDT, 5.00pm GMT). Ken will take questions from fans within DriveTribe live chat where we will find out more details about his upcoming Gymkhana 10 video and Amazon documentary series. Submit your questions through the link below:

Bill will also chat to American Formula Drift racer Vaughn Gittin Jr at 11.30am PDT (2.30pm EDT, 6.30pm GMT) where we will get to see his recently announced 2018 RTR Mustang. Caswell will also feature dynamically in the Trophy Truck of BJ Baldwin up the Las vegas Strip, with this all being live streamed via our Facebook page.

2. Hennessey releases its 300mph hypercar

A fairly simple teaser image has shown the rear of Hennessey's recent road car project, known as the Venom F5. Replacing the 270mph Venom GT, the company's latest hypercar looks to advance on the GT's record, managing a top speed of (potentially) up to 300mph.

Whether you take this claim seriously is down to you but considering Hennessey's history of unbridled speed, we should maybe be prepared for a game-changing release from the Texas tuners.

3. The guys from Pimp My Ride have teamed up with Kia

Yup, that's right, West Coast Customs are back at it again. But instead of applying Lamborghini doors to a Florida resident's 1998 Honda Accord, the old MTV crew has gone to town on a brand spanking new Kia Stinger GT. The Korean performance saloon is already a menacing, aggressive looking machine to start with, but it seems the modders haven't held back with the twin turbocharged newcomer.

4. YouTuber Queen B will be searching for parts to mod her Abarth 595

DriveTribe's very own 'queen of modding' Queen B will be striding the halls looking for the latest and greatest parts to bolt to her new project car, a little Abarth 595. With aftermarket parts filling the show, SEMA will be a treasure trove for B to go to town on her hot hatch.

What should she do to her 595? Supercharge it? Slam it? Stance it? Tell us in the comments below!

5. It will be Mustangs galore

The Ford Mustang appears to be the car of the show so far, with many companies using the muscle car to showcase their modding talents. One of the standout cars will be Tucci Hot Rods' 200mph 2018 Mustang Fastback. They've gone and twin turbocharged the 5.0-litre V8 block and have modified the bodywork to achieve the supercar-frightening top speed, surely making it one of the fastest Mustangs ever.

It seems SEMA 2017 is going to be a hectic and horsepower-filled week for the lucky enthusiasts attending, so what would you guys like us to cover next week? Dive into the comments and we'll make sure we cover the best cars and stands!

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  • Gutted I'll be missing the sessions on Tuesday but I'll be in The Grand Tour tent #shamelessbrag It will be interesting to see any modding on the new Ford GT or any Tesla. Maybe cover epic fails as well - where they really shouldn't have bothered sort of thing

      3 years ago