Five crazy supercar concepts we wish Peugeot had been brave enough to make

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Peugeot has a tendency of making stunning (if not a little weird) concept cars that could easily rival those of established supercar brands, and making us all very excited only to announce they will never actually make the thing. Here is a selection of my favourite concept cars that never came to fruition – but absolutely should have.

Peugeot Quasar

Group B was one of the craziest motorsport classifications ever, with 600+ horsepower cars carving it up and down rally stages throughout out the 80s. Peugeot had a good run at it, winning two championships back to back in '85 and '86 with the Peugeot 205 T16. So Peugeot took the 205s drivetrain and built a supercar around it. The Quasar used the same 2.0 Inline-4 Turbo with 600hp horsepower send to all-4 wheels attached to an F1 suspension set-up.

On the inside, it had a space-age interior, with a digital gauge cluster and a centrally mounted CRT screen with a navigation system – in 1984! The car, of course, never entered production.

Peugeot Proxima

In 1986 Peugeot unveiled the Quasar's successor, the 'Proxima' a 2+2 coupe, with bubble canopy and rear end that looks like it came off a bat-mobile. The car was powered by a 2.8-litre twin-turbo PRV V6 with some 600bhp lifted straight from Peugeot Le Mans car.

While the drivetrain, performance and design are outstanding, for me it's more about what's inside. If the quasar was space-age then this was pure sci-fi, Proxima was equipped with five different cameras that fed into five different screens inside the car, radar and coloured satellite navigation.

Peugeot Oxia

This was the 'final hurrah' of the Peugeot supercar trend that began with the Quasar. Peugeot took what was already there and took it to the extreme. Equipped with a twin-turbo V6 with 680bhp it sprinted to 62mph in five seconds. Peugeot estimated its top speed at 'just' 187mph, so they were a little surprised when a Michelin test driver topped it out at 217mph at the Nardo test track.

On the inside it was a little more tame, but no less impressive for 1988, as the Oxia came equipped with a built-in personal computer with a keyboard and a trackpad, and of course, it also had a colour navigation system. Oh, and all these electronics were powered by solar batteries in the dash – yes really in 1988.

What's fascinating is that the Oxia wasn't just built for a motor show stand, it worked and was tested at multiple tracks many times over, meaning its production could have been quite possible. If it entered production it would absolutely smash the F40s series production top speed record of 201mph set in 1987.

Puegeot Onyx, The Lion is Back

This was Peugeot's comeback to the supercar game. Unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motorshow, Onyx was a look into the future of Peugeot with ecology in mind. This saw the dash being made out of recycled newspapers for example. But what's more interesting to us petrolheads is the 3.7-litre V8 turbodiesel at the back, lifted straight from the 908 Le Mans car. This coupled with as 80hp electric motor driving the front wheels gave the Onyx 680hp and all-wheel drive. Peugeot seems to really like the number 680, don't they?

The combination of the super-light carbon fibre chassis and a little heavier but stunning copper body panels resulted in a nice round net weight of 1100kg. This means this 'Pug' had a power-to-weight ratio of 618bhp per tonne, or about 95bhp per tone more than a Bugatti Veyron. Not bad for a diesel hybrid, eh?

Peugeot RC Concept:

You know the Peugeot RC-Z: the pretty but dull coupe? Well, meet it in its uncastrated concept form, the 'RC Concept'. A four-seater mid-engined RWD coupe with carbon fibre body, weighing just 900kgs and capable of hitting 60 in six seconds flat. Peugeot built two RCs, a black one named Spade and a red one called Diamond. The Spade used a NA 4-cylinder with 181bhp, while the Diamond had a 2.2 turbo diesel with the same performance.

A certain Richard Hammond even said that the Diamond is "possibly the first proper diesel sports car". Okay maybe the RCZ is a nice car that has won lots of awards, but come on Peugeot, grow a pair and finally make one of these!

Which is your favourite? Let us know down below!

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