Five Manufactures We'd like to see back in WRC

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Subaru we miss you! Subaru's dominance throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s with the likes Colin Mcrae took rallying's popularity global. Coupled with a gorgeous gold and blue livery, the Subaru saw close competition with the Mitsubishi Evolution and sparked fierce debate amongst car enthusiasts about which car is best. Subaru's return is not a million miles away, as they already produce the current generation Impreza which could easily be converted into a rallying monster!

Lancia has a tremendous history in WRC and it would be a shame not for them to abandon this pedigree. The likes of the Stratos, 037 and S4 Delta spring to mind when reminiscing about these astonishing automobiles, all of which a unique and special history. Whilst Lancia are not producing the best road going cars currently, surely with a little help from their sister company Ferrari producing a WRC car isn't a million miles away - is it?

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution WRC brought the challenge to Subaru, as these Japanese titans fought one another with the aim of conquering the Rallying world. However, with Mitsubishi announcing the final edition of the end of the Evolution line last year (with the EVOLUTION X FQ-440 MR), it's unlikely we'll see a return any time soon.

VW dropped out of WRC last year and the rallying community still hasn't properly recovered. The diesel-gate emissions scandal forced the team to withdraw as they claimed they lacked the money to compete, and after failed attempts to enter as a privateer team VW's fate was settled. Their return is something we would all relish, as the title race this year seems a lot closer than previous years.

Peugeot's dominance throughout the Group B era was astonishing. Their small 205 T16 won both two constructors and driver championships in a row. Their return would be something special, considering their heritage and something we would all love to see! (To see more about Group B rallying and Peugeot's dominance see here,

Feel free to comment manufacturers I forgot to add!

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