Five Market-Changing Features you probably didn't know about... on the Ghost!

Or maybe you already did. You'll have to read the article to find out!

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Automotive news spreads like wildfire.

As soon as BMW shares a teaser of the M3 Touring, or Mercedes shows us the latest and greatest S Class, the motoring pages are plastered with the latest shots and information. And, as I am not fully devoted to motoring journalism, I'm not the kinda guy to see this breaking news, write an article in 10 minutes and get it out there!

I wanted to write about the Rolls Royce Ghost, a car which I feel has some amazing features. But... I was too late. So I trawled the media pages, watched every review and watched the unveiling, and here is my list of the 5 most interesting things that you probably weren't told!

The body is one piece!

So, we all know that the new Rolls Royce Ghost has precisely 0% of the old Rolls Royce Ghost hidden behind those fresh panels. But... did you know that the Rolls Royce Ghost has no panel gaps (if we exclude doors, obviously)? Yes, that's right, while the metal is produced in a few large sections, it is seamlessly fabricated together before painting! And, because modern day cars don't really have a chassis, and rigidity comes from the body, technically, the whole bodywork and chassis are a single item. A bloody expensive one, though!

It hums!

The famous saying. 'The loudest thing in a Rolls Royce is the clock'. (I am assuming they didn't just fit a very loud clock.) Well, it is has never been more true in the modern age, where Rolls stuffs more sound insulation into each individual Phantom tyre than you would find in most executive cars! The Ghost takes this a step further, but it was so quiet that testers found themselves getting sick! The solution? They tuned every audible piece of the car to vibrate at the same frequency, so the car is in tune with itself! Clever, no?

It's not suitable for vegans...

Ah, leather. Somehow, it just reeks of elegance. And I'm not talking about the hairy corpse that lines your limited edition Polo, I'm talking Mercedes leather. Even better, Aston leather. Or the king. Rolls leather. There are lots of stories about how they make it this beautiful. Apparently they only use bulls, so as not to have stretch marks. Apparently they can only use certain species, for finer quality. The truth of it is probably that money can buy you just about anything! Back to the point... this car's interior (in short wheelbase form) uses 20 leather half-hides. That's a lot of beef! Mind you, the more mid boggling stat is that there are 338 pieces of interior trim. Try rushing one of these!

It's woke!

The Ghost EWB has a very key proportion. Because... if you are sat in the back seats of a Ghost, your head is over 6 feet behind the person in front! Social distancing is once again possible! And, as a minor side effect, you get tons of room to stretch out, enjoy sinking your feet into the lush carpet, and play on the Audi-tastic rear entertainment screens. And unlike the Audi, they aren't detachable, meaning you don't have to lock them in the glovebox when you go somewhere, or get Giles to watch over the car for you. Although, that would be a good idea. You don't want any of those local peasants turning up with some keys and giving your car a second coachline!

The flag-bearer returns, in intelligent form!

When cars were first invented, a man had to walk in front waving a red flag so that people would get out the way. This man was called the Flag bearer. And now, Rolls introduces us to the modern day flagbearer. An intelligent system that reads the road ahead, adjusting the suspension to different settings and lifting wheels or lowering wheels for potholes and bumps. But that is all a bit old hat nowadays! It also uses GPS to get your car into the right gear for the road and corners ahead, to ensure smooth acceleration.

What do you think of the new Ghost?

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Comments (2)

  • It's a truly magnificent vehicle that deserves lots of love and attention.

      5 months ago
  • That suspension gizmo needs to filter on down to us commoners without delay so my delicate carcass can be transported across the highways and byways of my city without having my teeth rattled out of my head! 🥴

      5 months ago