Five Motorsport Related Gifts and Art Pieces

This isn't a sponsored post it's just me sharing some of my favourite motorsport gifts and artwork to provide others with inspiration in time for xmas

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Here are some of the motorsport related gifts and artwork that I have stumbled upon which might make good Christmas gifts for that petrolhead in your life. Please note that this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share some of the motorsport things that I like which I thought you guys might also enjoy.

Wooden Toy Sportscars - Emanuel Ruf

I have two sons (a two year old terror and a month old monster) and so I purchased these fantastic wooden toys on Etsy. Each one is hand crafted, numbered and is an iconic sportscar. Let's see how many you can name. They are built by a guy called Emanuel who is a lovely guy from Portugal. I was so impressed with the cars I even commissioned him to make me some Race-Keeper specific pieces for last years Autosport Show. You can see an example in the image below alongside a Race-Keeper HDX2 video-data logger.

The set of five sportscars shown in the main photo will set you back £125 plus shipping on Etsy. You can find these and some of his other creations at

Carbon Fibre Sculptures from F1 Parts - Alastair Gibso

With a price tag of £31,400 you will not be surprised to hear that I do not actually own this particular piece. I had to add it on my list however because ex-F1 Mechanic Alastair Gibson and the rest of the team at Carbon Art make some truly stunning sculptures from recycled F1 car parts. Most of their work is commission based and you can see some of their pieces here -

Wooden Race Track Art - Graham and Leigh

There are a few companies out there that produce wooden race track art however Graham and Leigh produce the best. That is why I commissioned them to make me a bespoke Race-Keeper branded piece with the Silverstone GP track, something that was planned as a giveaway prize but was too good to let go. Priced at around the £60 mark, one of these should adorn every motorsport fans wall. You can check out the various options here -

3D Race Car Sculptures - Dave Clark Designs

A new find for me and immediately a favourite. I do not own any of Dave Clark's work but I am seriously considering commissioning a piece, once I have decided on the type of racing car I would prefer. Commissions are from £500 but some of the extensive back catalogue can be purchased for around £200. You can check out some of Dave's creations by visiting

Recycled F1 Parts - Memento Exclusives

Memento Exclusives are located close to Silverstone race track, which means they only have to travel about 10 minutes to go dumpster diving at Mercedes F1, Force India and Red Bull. Just kidding.

Memento Exclusives obviously have arrangements with some of the top F1 teams to turn their cast away mechanical parts into stunning gifts and collectables. The piece shown above sells for around £220 but they do so much more. You can check out their full range here -

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