Five of the coolest Vision Gran Turismo Concept Cars

Five of the best cars to come from the Vision Gran Turismo project

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For those gamers of you spending your time circling virtual representations of some of the world's best racing circuits, the Gran Turismo series will be definitely up on the sharp end of the list. To coincide with the series anniversary with the release of the sixth edition on PlayStation 3 back in 2013, the boffins at the game's developer, Polyphony Digital announced the “Vision Gran Turismo” project. A project aimed at featuring special concept cars in game from some of the worlds best manufacturers and brands, the project continuing into the series seventh and most latest edition, Gran Turismo Sport. With Lamborghini recently releasing their newest model for the Vision Gran Turismo project, the V12 Vision GT, I decided to take a look at some of the coolest editions to the project so far.

1. Mercedes-Benz AMG VIsion GT

Mercedes-Benz became the first manufacturer to release a concept car to the Vision Gran Turismo project in 2013, with it's striking AMG Vision GT concept. The beautiful aerodynamic body consisted of an all aluminium space frame, with a number of other parts on the concept created from carbon fibre, with the car itself being roughly 250kg lighter than a standard AMG SLS. The engine was derived from the E63 AMG's 5.5 twin turbo V8, allowing the concept to beat the original SLS to both 0-100 km/h and overall top speed. Other inclusions in the concept include a sports exhaust with eight, yes eight, tailpipes, gullwing doors and LED lights all the way around.

2. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT

While this is not hard to realise that the idea behind the concept was a futuristic take on the GT-R model, the Concept 2020 retains both the signature Skyline/GT-R rear light setup and the GT-R's twin turbo V6, with three added electric motors for that extra oomph. The concept 2020 also boasts an active rear spoiler which adds an extra 400 kilograms of downforce at 186 mph. That amazing futuristic chassis was designed by Nissan's studio in London, while the powertrain was developed by a group of young budding engineer back in Japan.

3. Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision GT

Now, how could one possibly look at this concept and think 'meh, it's okay'. That body is seriously cool. Debuting in Gran Turismo 6 in 2014, boasting a 503 bhp twin-turbo VR6 engine good up to 192 mph, the Roadster VGT also has four wheel drive and weighs just over a ton at 1,200 kilograms. With Volkswagen's recent announcement that the company are to step away from any internal combustion derived racing and move towards a 100% electric future, one could doubt that we would see such an engine if this is to eventually become a reality.

4. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Noted as the car that influenced what eventually became the Chiron, the Bugatti Vision GT debuted in 2015, with the intention of combining both a two door supercar and a LMP1 racer. The car is powered by a heavily developed 8 litre quad turbocharged W16 engine, and has many features such as a LMP1 derived shark fin and active rear wing as well as a front splitter and side air intakes. Only one Vision GT exists in the world, which debuted at the Frankfort Motor Show in 2015 and although top speed has never been tested, it was simulated to have reached 278 mph (447km/h) on the Circuit de la Sarthe.

5. Jaguar VIsion Gran Turismo Coupe

Taking cues from previous iconic Jaguar models of old, the Vision Gran Turismo coupe is something stunning. It's not just the body that impresses as underneath impresses just as much. The coupe is four wheel drive with three electric motors powering the vehicle, however with the unique configuration that two motors power the rear wheels, and the remaining one powering the front wheels. The end result includes an in-game top speed of 200 mph with a 0-100 km/h time of 2.8 seconds, the motors and battery themselves producing 1006 bhp and 885 lb-ft of torque, with the aerodynamics taken care of by means of a massive deployable rear wing.

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  • Dodge tomahawk s/gtsr/x

      1 year ago
  • I love all the gran turismo cars except the new Lamborghini

      1 year ago
  • Citroen did a very impressive concept in 2008, the GT by Citroën, that was actually built and hence predates the Merc presented as first.

    I only get to meet it 10 years later, as it was one of the most impressive cars of the 100th anniversary stage of Citroen ( )

      1 year ago
    • I remember this being released but I never know a chassis actually existed as I only saw pre-rendered photos. Thanks for sharing!

        1 year ago