Five Racetracks with more danger than the Nurburgring

here are five tracks that have seen a massive amount of accidental death and destruction over the years.

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Sir Jackie Stewart calls the Nurburgring 'The Green Hell' as this 12.9 mile leviathan of a racetrack is full of absolute danger in its midst. Every supercar and hot hatch has frequented it in recent years in a continuous battle to gain boasting rights for their record breaking attempts.

Why is it dangerous? Well think the infamous carousel for starters – then the huge amount of amateurs that pay 30 Euros a lap to tackle this widowmaker of a track which can result in serious accidents. It’s estimated that there is an average of 3-12 deaths per year in public and race sessions.

We can all agree that the Nurburgring is not for the faint of heart, but it’s not alone in being the world’s most dangerous racetrack – here are five tracks that have seen a massive amount of accidental death and destruction over the years.

Brooklands Race Circuit

Getting air on a 30ft high banked curve...

Getting air on a 30ft high banked curve...

Brooklands was a 2.75-mile track in the heart of Surrey, opened in 1907 it's thought to have inspired the design of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which opened two years later in 1909.

In the 28 years of active racing here, the track saw its fair share of horrendous crashes and deaths. At least 17 deaths occurred here including three unfortunate spectators, two mechanics with the remainder being drivers.

The ‘Members Banking’ section of the track was essentially a banked curve with no barrier to stop you if you got it wrong; this was 30ft high in places meaning a very fast and long drop to certain death.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

So many have fought and lost their lives here

So many have fought and lost their lives here

Since its inception in 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has claimed the lives of 43 drivers, one motorcyclist, 13 mechanics and 17 others including 7 spectators over the years.

Deaths have occurred in events such as the world famous Indy 500, the Brickyard 400 and even Moto GP.

Over the years drivers have perished by such means cars leaving the track and catapulting over the and into the outside wall, landing in the catch fences and multiple pile-ups from stricken cars remaining on track after a serious crash resulting in collisions with oncoming competitors.

Baja 1000

A Beetle holding its own somewhere in the Mexico desert....

A Beetle holding its own somewhere in the Mexico desert....

There should be no doubt that the formidable Baja 1000 is the most grueling of all non-stop desert races. Since the first event in November 1967, it has drawn thousands of spectators along the varying routes that run from the California border town of Ensenada across the Baja peninsula. In no other race will you see the humble Volkswagen Beetle competing against 1,000bhp tubular framed trophy trucks.

Large sections of the race route are ungoverned by marshals so spectators stand dangerously close to the action, this makes spectacular near misses commonplace adding to the danger factor. In 2016 3 deaths were credited to this race after various collisions.

Early events suffered kidnappings and even shooting due to the notorious gang warfare, a Team Malo driver was once kidnapped and held for nine long days before being released.

Isle Of Man TT

The ultimate killer track?

The ultimate killer track?

The Isle of Man is a track that has claims well over 200 lives since it held its first race back in 1906. This is thought to be a conservative estimate at best.

In the last decade, the Snaefell Mountain Course has claimed the lives of 31 riders with 3 of that number perishing in the 2017 event.

Nowhere else in the world can riders reach speeds of 200mph+ on closed-off public roads with copious amounts of hazards such as pillar boxes, street lights, trees and walls that even the lightest of contact with will result in serious injury or death.

Targa Florio

Founded in 1906 this twisting 45-mile course that carves its way through the Madonie Mountains of Sicily contains many hazards, these include gravel, buildings, and spectators being almost involved in the action by proximity and a healthy dose of mountain roads in case there wasn’t enough danger already.

In 1974 this track was confirmed to be so dangerous that the World Rally Championship was removed from its yearly calendar never to return. Just three years later in 1977 after being run as a national sports car event it was disbanded due to safety concerns.

The Targa Florio continues to be run as a heritage event with the 101st event taking place in April 2017.

Is there any event that you know of that’s more dangerous than these ones? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Indianapolis with 4 corners is a dangerous track? I would call it natural selection in action, after all the street where I live can be dangerous as well.

      3 years ago
  • Mount Panorama, Bathurst, NSW, Australia must need an honourable mention?

      3 years ago
  • Macao gp has quite a number of deaths

      3 years ago
  • Maybe not so much now, but the Circuit De La Sarthe at LeMans deserves a shout too.

      3 years ago
  • Indianapolis ?!?! Are you kidding me? Come to Germany and drive the ring, then you'll realize how dull your ovals in the US are. But I do have to agree with the Isle of Man TT, that is one hell of a dangerous and difficult track

      3 years ago
    • Indy is a way faster track than the ring as speed increases so does the possibility of a major crash.

        3 years ago
    • You can hit really high speeds on the Nurburgring as well (Koenigsegg Agera has reached 250 mph or 402 kmh there). And the Nurburgring has actual corners.

        3 years ago