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Five stocking fillers for motorcyclists

It's late on the 19th of December, only a handful of shopping days are left till Christmas, have you got everything you wanted for the biker in your life? There's always room for a stocking filler so I thought I'd look at some small presents that might do the job. I'm not going to provide links to specific items, these are just suggestions to generate some last minute ideas so you can get to the shops at the weekend or on to your favourite next day delivery rainforest related website.

1. Small Tools

A small tool is always useful, size doesn't necessarily equate to expense, but we're talking about last minute stocking fillers here, not a main present. You can pick up a useful small tool for under £30.

Looks like James May's perfect Christmas (Image via Newsomart.com)

A torque wrench for example will ensure your biker's bolts are tightened correctly, in accordance with the owner's manual which hopefully they have already. It will prevent over or under enthusiastic bolt tightening which could lead to a mechanical failure. You can get a basic wrench for under £30, though a fancy digitall version will be in excess of £250. You may wish to consider how far up the nice list the motorcyclist in question is before deciding how much to spend.

2. Motorcycle Books

Always a popular gift, there's an almost unlimited choice to suit your biker's need for something to read while slipping into turkey related Christmas Day slumber.

Everything from the classics, such as Robert Persig's 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' and Che Guevara's 'Motorcycle Diaries' to Richard Hammond's 'A Short History of the Motorcycle' or a bit of classic motorcycle racing history such as Ted Macauley's revised biography of Mike Hailwood 'Mike the Bike Again' will fit the bill here. Several new biographies have come out this year and there is sure to be something any biker would be interested in reading.

3. Bike related Clothing

This can cover everything from bike gloves to a t-shirt with their favourite bike on. Decent waterproof winter motorcycling gloves can be bought in the £50 range, if that's a little too much for your stocking filler budget then a t-shirt, either a straight forward bike marque or a comedy one will easily come in within the filler budget.

Base layer items are good stocking fillers too, you can get a neck warmer from £15 upwards and at this time of year that's always going to be needed.

4. Novelty items

It's possible that the motorcyclist in your life would realy like a novelty bike item or that they may not and it will find it's way to charity or be regifted. You know the person you're buying for and what they might like best.

In case you feel up to risking a novelty item, there are many available, from the practical mug, to some shall we call them.... individual...Christmas decorations. You can even buy motorcycle slippers if you should want to and everything from chocolate biker Santas, to cat bowls showing cartoon cats doing stunts on motorcycles, the list is almost endless.

5. Tickets to a Motorcycle Show

I went to my first new bike shows this year, before this I had been to several classic bike shows and really enjoyed them but I loved the new bike shows because, unlike new car shows, attendees were possitively encouraged to climb on the newest bikes out and to handle the merchadise.

The biker you are buying for could hardly fail to enjoy a trip to a bike show, so why not buy them a ticket, or give them a promisary note for the show of their choice this coming year? That might just make up for the Santa on a Vespa decoration that's lurking in their stocking. Possibly.

Pay your money and take your choice

So what have you bought for your favourite biker this year? A daft novelty or something more substantial? I admit to buying a novelty toy and some t-shirts. Tell me what's under your motorcyclist's tree or on your wish list in the comments below. I guess it depends how big your stockings are!

(Image via Newsomart.com)