It’s been years that you got yourself a new drive. I mean endless flat tires, engine breaks down often or even dead batteries put you in difficult situations. You can’t go on with this forever; your family doesn’t want to sit in a car that has so many problems.

If you’ve recently invested in a new SKODA, chances are you’re going to buy a few accessories. We all love the feeling of picking up a brand new car on the day of its delivery, but we can go the extra mile and have some accessories too.

Be it safety or for entertainment here are 5 things you should buy for your car

1) A car cover – Yes, you heard that right. Investing in a brand new car means you need to keep it well maintained. What’s the best and efficient way to keep it clean? By covering it. I mean let’s face it, you’re about to go to work and notice that your car has been covered with bird droppings, would you drive it? Obviously not. The car cover from SKODA will protect your car from dust, rains and even help retain its shine. Invest in a decent cover that will keep your clean at all times.

2) Mud Flaps

We come across roads that are often wet and dirty, the results in a dirty car and tyre. Well the mud flaps from SKODA help keep the tyres clean from dirt and other debris. A great add on for your car if you want to keep the front and rear end clean.

3) Trunk spoiler

Give your SKODA a sporty and elegant feel with a spoiler. A wide variety of spoilers are available with SKODA accessories that makes it look attractive no matter where you go.

4) Coffee Machine

Love long drives and coffee? Well from the SKODA Genuine Accessories portfolio you can get the best compact coffee machine. All you have to do is stop at a suitable place and make your coffee. Road trips are much more refreshing when you’ve got coffee too.

5) Thermo electric cooling box

Now that we have coffee for long drives, it’s ideal to have a cooling box with fruits and juices. The good thing is that SKODA provides you with a cooling box to make your road trips more fun and memorable.

With so many add ons for your car, long road trips are much fun and relaxing especially when you have a SKODA. Now there are tons of things you can buy for your car, but these are some of the most important items you need while driving with friends and family.

So settle for something clever.

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