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Five Winter Warriors for less than £5000

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We are getting close to winter, with the temperature dropping, the weather getting worse and road conditions getting questionable. These turn of events call for something, tough, strong and ready to face no matter what.

So I went onto AutoTrader and found five excellent cars which are ready to take on winter.

Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDi | £5000

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I absolutely love the classic Discovery's with their chunky styling, durable engines and comfortable interior. The Discovery is also incredibly good when the driving conditions get a bit worse than normal. Discovery's of this age were used in Land Rover's G4 challenge where they took on some of the most hostile environments.

This one has hardly been used as it has 64,000 miles which is nothing for a car of this age. If you want it, it'll set you back £5000.

Audi A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Quattro | £4790

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Audi is known for it's legendary quattro AWD system and that's exactly what this A4 has. To make things, better, this A4 is an estate which makes it the perfect winter car for anyone. Heck, I'd even go to the extent that an A4 estate is the perfect car for just about anything.

This particular A4 estate has the powerful 3.0 TDI engine which is both powerful and economical. Yes, you may have 230bhp and 450NM of torque at your disposal, but you should also be able to get 34mpg on a good run. This one will set you back £4790.

Ford Ranger 2.5TDCi XLT | £3500

Image Source: autotrader.co.uk

The Ford Ranger may not be as indestructible as the Toyota Hilux, but it is a popular truck for both rural types and is used for all sorts of jobs across the UK. A dual cab option like the one I found is ideal as you get a roomy interior, a large rear bed and all the essentials you need.

Yes, the seats are a bit disgusting but new seat covers can be fitted if you so choose. With an average mileage, this Ranger will set you back £3500.

Subaru Legacy 2.0 D RE | £3675

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Subaru are famous for their 4WD systems and are heavily associated with WRC, even if they don't officially compete in it any more. They started off in the WRC with the Legacy in the early 90s so I thought it'd be appropriate to include a newer one in this round up.

The one I found has a nice (in my eyes) spec with a fairly clean cream interior, dark blue paint and a respectable 80,500 miles on it. You'll even be able to get 50mpg out of it, with it's diesel engine and 4WD. It can be yours for £3675.

VW Golf R32 | £4995

Image Source: autotrader.co.u

Yes that's right, you can get a Golf R32 for under £5000 now. Well, only just as this was the only good one I could find that hadn't been involved in a crash. The R32 was the predecessor to the Golf R which is one of my favourite hot hatches on sale today.

This R32 has a manual gearbox, five doors, AWD, and just under 148,000 miles on it. It has a decent spec and a decent amount of performance from it's 3.2 VR6 engine. Running costs will be high but who cares when it's a cool hot hatch. It'll set you back £4995.

Which one would you have?

I'd personally go for the Audi estate as it won't cripple your bank account every time you go to get it fixed for whatever reason. It's an excellent car and can be used all year round.

Yet, I want to know which one you would have. Leave a comment below with your choice.

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Comments (18)
  • I'm in the states, but I'd give the Ford, then the Subaru the nod (especially if you can find one with the H6).

    24 days ago
  • No volvo?

    26 days ago


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