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2w ago

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  • Stop trying to be like Imports and find place and identity as a American vehicle manufacturer.

      20 days ago
  • Bring back some of there original cool cars, but don’t make them electric or some stupid crossover (talking to you Ford)

      20 days ago
  • Rethink the Blazer, as like the Bronco, Defender and Jimny all maintained their character and offroad focus when renewed, whist the new Blazer is well, an okay crossover I’m sure, but unworthy of such a historically significant name.

    Everything else… keep the same? Maybe more manuals in ICE cars, but except from that eh, can’t think of anything that particularly offends me bar the Silverado’s front end

      20 days ago
  • Fire alot of the upper management

      20 days ago
  • Improve the Camaro to get sales back up

      19 days ago