2w ago

Fixed it! Float was stuck under tickler valve. The ‘fix’ was more of a sort of ‘hit it with something’ job. I think we all know who’d have been good at that. Weird though: who’d expect a sixty year old British bike to go wrong?

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  • I see you have used your inner Clarkson.

      17 days ago
  • And I thought Clarkson didn't like bikes

      17 days ago
  • What is a tickler valve?

      17 days ago
    • There's a small, spring loaded button on top of the float chamber of many older carbs. If you 'tickle' it by pressing it down a couple of times, it holds down the float and floods the carb which helps you start the engine. Very old-school...

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        16 days ago
    • Thank you

        16 days ago
  • Bike's older than you Hammond!

      15 days ago
  • Just get rid of all that old shite and have a normal Sunday ride.

      16 days ago