Flash flooding takes out Chrysler dealership in New Jersey

16w ago


If you live in the Northeastern part of America you have undoubtedly experienced this summer's never ending rain storm. What makes this year stranger than any year I can remember is just the ferocity at which the rain buckets down. Torrential rain on a near weekly basis has caused flash flooding all over my home state of New Jersey.

The even crazier bit was prior to the rains (seems like an eternity ago) we were in something of a drought. The golf course I work at was in serious danger of losing several greens thanks to the severe heat and lack of rain. That all changed in a massive hurry. The rain came, it poured and it stayed. Given the amount of water dumped on us it was only a matter of time until the automotive industry was caught in the floods.

This particular dealership is Route 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Little Falls NJ. Sadly this is a known area for flash flooding and yet flooding on this scale hasn't happened in years. Fortunately no one was injured, just some metal got wet and bent.

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  • Theyre lemons anyways

    3 months ago
  • Surely they survived they drive like boats don’t they

    3 months ago


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