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A Ducati Scrambler that likes left turns and sideways but hates front brakes and go unnoticed.

9w ago

Flath-earthers are gaining more and more space on the scene (or we should say "around the globe" to mock them) but we're more interested in Flat-trackers actually.

Our long-date friend Sami Panseri has quickly become one of the most active representatives of this discipline in our country in the last few years. It has always been a really cool show that mixes skills and courage in a grassroots and distinctive style and it is finally becoming popular outside its niche.

Speaking about style Sami needed someone to dress up his latest creation and here we are! We are huge fan of this type of bikes since their shape is one of the most recognizable in the two-wheels universe but it's hard to find a model to work on.

This Scrambler has fulfilled one of our desires. Sami gave us free rein and we didn't miss the opportunity to create something special. The bike has lost many of its stock parts and has been transformed in a proper track weapon.

The number of parts to cover with a new livery was really small: the stock tank, the frame, the new tail section and some protective panels. We only told Sami that some blue would have been involved in the process but we kept our mouth shut about all the rest.

So he had is frame painted in this blue tone to match our work that was simultaneously was going on in our workshop. We must say that the stock tubular structure has been heavily modified in its back section to accomodate e new slimmer e lighter tail, derived from the one used on the Bultaco Astro.

The stock swingarm has been cut and re-welded in its central section to house the 19 wheel and the flat track - spec tyre: this work was mandatory since Sami did'nt want to alter the wheelbase.

The new element has been colored with a shiny silver grey that emphatizes its new aspect. Beside it it's impossible not to see the short muffler of the racing exhaust provided by SC Project.

These headers are 10mm bigger in diameter compared to the original elements and, together with the Star.ace intake kit and a new ecu mapping from Up Map, give the italian two-banger a proper growl.

The neoprene saddle fits perfectly the new tail shape.

The underside of the rear end is enclosed in a metal covering that protects the simplified electrical system from all the racing stresses.

Back to the colors: the paint scheme is essentially based upon two tones: blue and magenta. Beetween them we chose to use white and silver. The livery has few iconical elements that are referred both to the brand and to the flat track world.

We were able to be truly faithful to the render i made after some sketches. The stylized wings on the tank sides are an hommage to the old Ducati logo and, together with the silver shades, magenta back and chrome stars, they donate the bike an USA flavour in honor of the country where this type of racing grew to its greater fame.

Some stickers protect the various parts and expose all the brands and sponsor involved in this project.

The central section of the fuel tank embodies another 60s and 70s hommage, a checkered flag stripe with our lettering inside, just to add even more presence to the vehicle.

The saddle has Sami's logo on it and some yellow doesn't affect the overall perception.

The number plate (that replaces the instruments and the headlight that are obviously gone due to the racing necessities) was created by our common friends Indivisual and the black and yellow theme creates a wonderful contrast with the bike livery.

We tried to create something faithful to the heritage of the sport but that could incorporate contemporary inspirations and ideas.

Thanks to all the removed parts, to the new rear end and to the bigger and fatter tyres the Scrambler look surprisingly thin and small.

Here you can see how small is the gap between the rear 27.5x7.5x19" Maxxis tyre and the modified swingarm.

To keep the wheels on the ground Bitubo provided some of its best products: the rear shock is a XXF11 while the stock front forks now use JBH cartridges.

This rear views really underlines how slim the Ducati has become: you can also appreciate the large CMV handlebar that has been built following Sami's indications together with the new set-back risers.

The 19" wheels use stock hubs that have been mated to 3" rims that come from the Desert Sled model. The handlebar clearly is missing the brake lever since the bike has no front brakes. On the other side you can see the mandatory kill-switch that is linked to the rider.

We followed the "go big or go home" rule so we didn't left anything on the line: this Scrambler must be visible even from space and since everything will be immediately covered by dirt and dust as soon as the bikes hit the track we're pretty sure Sami will still be recognizable.

We wish him lots of success, fun, luck and all the best! Stay tuned for further news when his "Mary" will have to prove herself among the competition!

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