Florida Man Flees from Police in a (Not) General Lee Replica

2w ago


One of My Pet Peeves as a Car Guy

As a fan of automobiles don’t you hate it when people get the name of cars wrong?

May 15th a story broke about a “Florida Man” who set a house on fire and tired to make a getaway in a “General Lee Replica”. With that information alone the story sounds hilarious and unsurprising for the state of Florida.

Florida officials say that Oswald Pereira, 44, poured gasoline over his ex-wife’s house and started the fire. He then made his getaway in an orange Dodge Challenger before having to ditch that ride for a white GMC Yukon. Police tired several attempts to stop him including 2 spike stripes and a PIT maneuver but Pereira kept giving them the slip until he crashed into his own mobile home and was arrested. Officials say that Pereira had burns on over 15% of his body!

No other injuries were reported and Pereira now has a long list of charges facing him that include assaulting a police officer.

The problem is that every news website kept saying that the car was a “Charger” and a General Lee replica and it just isn’t. I’ll admit the modern Challenger is orange, but it had black stripes, no confederate flag, and a big 1974 on the door. I’m assuming they took this angle for click bait, because adding General Lee in a headline is a guarantee attention getter. But whatever the reason it bugs me as a car-nerd. It’s not a General Lee replica, and it isn’t a Charger!