- I love it when a miniature plan comes together. (Photo Credit: YT Channel "south florida micro trucks")

Florida Man Makes Mini A-Team Van Out of Kei Van

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If you grew up between 1972 and last Tuesday, you may remember spending more than one day inside and experiencing the testosterone soaked madness known as The A-Team. Known for its action packed episodes where hundreds of bullets somehow miss their mark every time, fantastic car chases, and that phenomenal theme song, The A-Team was a fantastic piece of television. The show told the story of a crack commando unit serving as soldiers of fortune and helping innocent people while on the run from the law, but the real purpose of the show was to show off a sweet van every week to millions of people.

The real A-Team van was a behemoth large enough to fill the gigantic role it was given. (Photo Credit: The Conmunity - Pop Culture Geek)

The original A-Team van was a 1983 GMC Vandura full size van, a gigantic vehicle 5 meters long and probably powered by a 5.7L V8 engine. It could somehow outmaneuver motorcycles, outrun police cars, and outlast the universe with its indestructibility. It was truly one of the most epic vehicles to grace TV and certainly one of the most memorable cars of the decade.

Photo Credit: YT Channel "south florida mini trucks"

GMC vans are cheap and plentiful in the USA, but our hero Floridian decided to make this beautiful replica A-Team van out of a 1992 Suzuki Every kei van. The Every van is literally half the size of the original van, and is powered by a 660 cc I3 engine.

For those doing the math at home, one cylinder of the original van V8 has more displacement than the entire 660 cc engine in the mini version.

Why is This So Amazing?

Something about seeing a symbol of my childhood shrunk down into an adorable size makes me happy on the inside. Knowing that something so fantastic but so cute can exist shows that maybe, just maybe, this world isn't so bad.

If anyone knows of any other wacky replicas like this, let me know!

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  • This is my van here in the UK. Made out of a Suzuki Carry (called an Every in some countries). I had to completely custom make a bodykit for it. It’s still a work in progress! This is my Instagram if you want to follow the build instagram.com/mini_ateam_van

    13 days ago
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    • This is absolutely astonishing. If I'm ever on your continent, I'm buying a drink for my new hero

      13 days ago
      1 Bump
    • Thanks Randy! You’re welcome to come and have a look anytime.

      13 days ago
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  • The one time Florida man doesn’t do anything crazy

    12 days ago
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