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Flying Cars are a Dumb Idea.

Debunking Future Tech: Flying Cars

3w ago

A brief rant.

The idea of a flying car is not something new. Since 1934, pioneers of this Industry have been trying to fuse the car and the plane into one harmonious combination. On the surface it seems like a good idea. if you're stuck in traffic, why not fold out the wings and take off into the sky, bypassing all traffic in sight. It's a compelling scene: You and your "Mrs." flying through the sky on your way to a five star restaurant, in lavish luxury and a view of the sunset to accompany you. This, however, is nearly impossible to achieve.

The flying car has a bevy of problems that are easy to overlook. First of all, is how difficult they would be to use. 99% of the people who buys these will most likely have no experience flying any commercial or recreational aircraft. This would mean, in order to be sold to the public, every flying car would have to be equipped with an advanced Autopilot system. This system would have to have the capabilities of managing with traffic around it, in the air, without any road markings to provide the system with guidance. While this advanced Autopilot is developed, everyone who owns a flying car would have to go through hours and hours of course to be certified to fly. This can only be true if there aren't laws being made to specifically tailor to the flying car, in which case a separate, and far more vigorous course would need to be put in place for flying cars. Now that you have overcome hours and hours of flight training, here comes the next big problem.

The next major problem for flying cars is the aspect of "Maintenance", and the costs associated with it. Planes are insanely expensive to take care of and manage. Each component of these flying cars is more than likely specifically made for it, most likely out of a material far out of reach for the common person. Flying cars also would require complicated electronics to accompany the folding wings, jets, and wheels. if any of these were to go wrong, a Mclaren F1 size bill will be waiting for you once they are repaired. Not to mention the fact that they must be fixed by specialists, not just your mate Randy could do with a couple hours and a simple set of tools. This brings us to our final and biggest issue, safety.

If these vehicles have any failures mid-flight, a crash is imminently near. most if not all crashes involving flying cars will end in death. Hopefully, if these vehicles do ever make it to production, they will have a mid-air evacuation procedure involving a parachute. Being piloted by freshly and hastily trained pilots, mid-air accidents are likely to occur.

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