Flying in A Ford

2y ago


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My 77-year-old dad, a USAF veteran and lifelong "Ford man," has been bravely fighting cancer treatments for the past month. This weekend we were able to take him for a ride in one of Henry Ford's ventures into aircraft: the 1928 Ford Tri-Motor.

This Tri-Motor 5-AT-B was first owned by Transcontinental Air Transport and helped to introduce the first coast-to-coast passenger air and rail service to the United States in 1929.

In the nearly 90 years since it's creation, this craft has had several owners in the both the United States and Mexico, and is now beautifully restored and owned by the Liberty Air Museum in Ohio. It is currently own loan to the EAA Aviation Foundation, who has been taking it around the country, offering public rides.

The small, 30-minute flights cost about $75 a passenger, but it was worth it to get to experience flying in a Ford.

—Lisa Kay Tate

Here's a brief look at of the experience:

Currently based in Port Clinton, the plane was originally dubbed the "City of Wichita." All images taken by Rick Tate.

The short desert flight gave a good view of the engine's design.

The Tri-Motor ready for take-off.

One of the passengers arrived in his own Vintage 1929 Ford Truck.