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Coming Up... The Cybertruck is the vehicle we should all love. A new Lamborghini concept due to hit the road hard. And finally the SSCs ugly interior!

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Here's Why The Cybertruck Is The SUV We Should All Love!

Now although the Cybertruck isn't one for looks, the interior and performance is incredible. Yes yes it isn't a Bentley but it is one of the best cars of the century. Coming with a start point of $39,000,00-$69,000,00 and its interior, power and flexibility this is one of the most affordable supercars in the world. Before you all go and scream at me for calling it a supercar, I don't mean a Bugatti Chiron I mean a general super-car. This is because the combination is so great. This is the car that will be able to climb a mountain but will not be blown up by a environmentalist. This is SUV future. The cybertruck isn't delicate like the Rivian, you can through a rock at it and it won't brake unlike the Rivian, it will not dent in a click. It will take more! Mr. Musk in my opinion really thought this through. I think that he new that we would adjust to this...

The New Lamborghini V12 Gran-Turismo Vision

Recently, Lamborghini have been making some incredible cars. I don't know if you've played gran-turismo. I'm sorry but I haven't played it, personally I'm a proud FH4 player. Anyway, after some research I understand how the V12 gran-turismo concept relates with the game. Well performance and interior has yet to be released the exterior has. It looks incredible and very aerodynamic. It looks very much like a Sian cross a gran-turismo car. I hope they do create this car. We all know that it will be a wonderful car whatever happens. The cockpit is something I have never seen before. The wheels are separate, much alike a jet cockpit. The V12 will almost be a bigger, higher performance BAC Mono. Take a look!

SSC Tuatara has some of the cheapest and ugliest interior yet!

In my recent article I mentioned how I fear that car companies will eliminate the idea of a great car(great interior, performance and exterior) for speed. The SSC Tuatara has just supported my theory on that. The interior is cheap plastic. It looks awful. The steering wheel looks like something of a Koenigsegg Jesko or a Regera. There is no pride in this car. I personally want a car to be better than the Chiron so Bugatti can make a comeback with some sort of spectacular megacar. But I will not have rubbish car like the SSC beat the Chiron which is one of the best cars ever made.

Image of the SSC Tuatara interior from pictures.4ever.eu

Image of the SSC Tuatara interior from pictures.4ever.eu


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