Focus Rs mk4 winter protection

    Focus RS winter protection service

    Today we carried out a winter protection on this recently collected Focus RS.

    The exterior and arches were pre cleaned using the Scene Collection snow foam following a rinse off and three bucket method wash. The exterior was then air dried and prepped using IPA before receiving two coats of our latest Winter Wax which is a hard wax designed for this time of year.

    The glass was sealed using our own ceramic solution to give that added protection and longevity.

    The wheels were then removed and both rears, fascias and the arches cleansed before all being sealed using Gtechniq sealants and both the door and boot shuts sealed using our smart skin polymer sealant.

    The exhausts were left till last and cleaned using Zorst paste before again receiving a coat of ceramic sealant.

    We were also requested to apply the gel badges to the spoiler and wheels prior to being sealed which we have to admit really make a nice touch.

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