Focus St SHort Shifter Analysis

A quick reference for Focus ST drivers looking to improve the journey between gears

4y ago

(Originally created for r/FocusST in November 2015)

After completing my setup this week, I decided it was time to consolidate our transmission options into a single convenient reference.

For the uninitiated, there are two methods of reducing shift throws in the Focus ST. Changing the position of the ball stud on the transmission's shift arm by either replacing the shift arm (Breedt and Mountune do this), or installing a plate/bracket over the shift arm, like the others listed below.
Method two involves replacing the shift lever in the vehicle's cabin. Levers are either shorter than stock, or have adjustable ball stud locations to reduce the throw. The Boomba offers both.

These two components can be used concurrently, compounding the shift reduction.

This post has two tables attached. The first shows the total reduction in shift throw for each combination. The larger the number in the table, the shorter your throw will be. For example, the Ford Racing Shift Assembly coupled with the Mountune Shift Arm will result in a 39% shorter throw.

Shift Throw Reduction Crosstab

Shift Throw Reduction Crosstab

Prices as of Nov '15

Prices as of Nov '15

The second table shows the prices for each combination, as shown on each manufacturer's official website. This does not take into account shipping costs, free swag/stickers, or group-buy/coupons/sales. Some manufacturers offer a discount if you buy both components from them, and I did my best to reflect that. The Ford Racing shifter price was from True Blue Performance.

A few quick notes:

There are 112 different combinations available.

The greatest variety is offered by the Boomba lever coupled with either the Breedt arm, or the FSWerks arm (12 and 9 choices, respectively).

Steeda's shift lever is not advertised with its individual reduction percentages. However, they do advertise the combined percentage from the lever and their bracket. Notably, the lever alone in its longest throw option will actually increase the length of your throw by 4.6%. I called Steeda, and they confirmed this is the case. Apparently, they did not design the lever to be used without their bracket, and only recently started selling the shift lever separately.

Steeda's lever is approximately 1/8" shorter than stock, and is constructed of aluminum. Some people are put off by this, but Steeda ensures it's not a big deal.

The greatest reduction available on the market can be obtained by purchasing the Boomba lever, and either the Breedt arm (my combo), Cobb plate, or FSWerks plate. These components will reduce the throw by 58%. The cheapest combination with 58% reduction is the Boomba lever with the Breedt arm or FSWerks shift plate at $254.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Comments (4)

  • The NTC Bushing is a solid bushing that fits in the end of the shifter cable linkage and attaches to the ball stud on the shift arm.

    The OEM bushing is made of very very soft rubber, which does a good job of isolating vibrations at the cost of a lot of shifter "slop".

    I love my NTC bushing, however, one hesitance is that in order to reverse the modification, you're stuck buying an entirely new shifter cable ($70 or so).

    It's easily the most dramatic improvement in reducing shifter slop. If you're hesitant to start with the NTC bushing, try the shifter cable bracket bushings first. I would not bother with the shifter base bushings, as they really don't tighten anything up for the driver.

      4 years ago
  • Thanks Joe! What will the NTC Ball stud bushing do for me? Honesty, not sure how that part works? 😊

      4 years ago
  • When I wrote this I was running the Breedt + Boomba for 58% worth of reduction. It was pretty stiff!

    I recommend starting with the NTC ball stud bushing, then one of the shift lever replacements, then the Boomba or FRPP shifter inside the cabin.

    It will be tough for a linkage shifter to emulate the direct shifter from your S2000, but those should be a good start!

      4 years ago
  • Love this thing, thanks for reposting. Read it a few weeks ago on Reddit.

    I Have a hard time knowing how these combos will actually feel. Looking for a slightly shorter throw on my currently stock FoST. Honestly, I just want it to feel like my S2000's shifter 😀

      4 years ago