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Football mania

Spot The Grand Trio#10

This is just for pure fun. None of the events ever happened. Any relationship between real life events is just a coincidence. But enough of that let's have some fun.

Whoops they lost...again

The trio were filming while there was a big football game on. The trio accidently got split up in the crowd. Now andy Wilman and the camera crew have to try and find Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

If Andy Wilman and the rest of the crew doesn't find them in time their filming schedule will go into smoke. Can you help them find the trio in this crowd before it's too late. Honestly how hard can it be to spot them?

Photo Edit by: Valentina Zanola

Photo Edit by: Valentina Zanola

How hard was that?

Rate this on a scale on one to ten. Also let us know who you spotted first and last. Thanks for reading and we hope you had fun.

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