- A​ Big Car With Some Big Mileage.

F​or $3,000, Would You Buy This 1998 BMW 750iL With Over 300,000 Miles?

C​heap V12 Luxury?

1y ago

​Yes! You read that mileage correctly. What you're looking at is a well taken care of and well loved e38 7 series. This massive land yacht comes with a 5.4L V12 (yes, V12) paired with a 5 speed automatic transmission, producing 322 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels to move all 4,553 Lbs of fine German luxury down the road with ease.

​This particular e38 currently has 301,444 miles on the clock in the ad, but by the looks of it, you wouldn't even tell. Reading through the advert on Facebook Marketplace, the current owner has put lots of love into this car to keep it going the past 6 years of ownership to make sure this car lasts a lifetime. Transmission was rebuilt at 150,222 miles, all fluids changed regularly. Brake fluid changed at 264k and all lines have been upgraded to steel braided, which is nice. differential fluids changed at 240k. Power steering was changed last time the SLS system was serviced. Transmission has been serviced 3 times after the rebuild at 192k, 249k, and 299,332. Air conditioning compressor and dryer have been replaced at 193k and WORKS! Oil changes every 7500 miles with Amsoil 5w40 Euro classic. States that there are no leaks or check engine lights. Only an air bag light due to the seats being swapped out for sport seats from a facelift 99 740i.

b​ig v12 in all her glory

b​ig v12 in all her glory

T​he current owner says he has upgraded the fuel injection system from the air-assist injectors that were always expensive and a pain to replace, to Bosch gen-3 injectors. They have the same flow rated but are 4 hole instead of of the pin style of the originals that get brittle with age and start throwing codes due to vacuum leaks. The A/B/C pillars have been wrapped black. Modlight2 which gives you a bunch of lighting you can customise inside and outside of the car. (welcome/good bye lights, etc.) Grom BT3, the car has working bluetooth you can use from the controls on the steering wheel. Also an iPod and aux cord set up in the rear armrest. All 14 speakers have been upgraded. Dual battery set up as seen in the facelift e38s (99-01) models for more battery life. The front is lowered on H&R Lowering spring. Wheels are style 95s squared with 275/40r19s all the way around and spacers are 20mm in rear and 15mm in the front. Working TPMS system installed. Also, these cars have a common problem where they shimmy around 55-60 mph and that has been addressed and permeantly fixed by adding spherical control arm bushings which are installed.

​Here is what is put for "the bad." The drivers seat is ripped, but what do you expect for a BMW of that age and mileage? half of the glovebox is missing. Front bumper is a different color. center console panel is broken. 5 dents between the hood, roof, and trunk from when a hurricane hit Tampa in 2017. Tint will need to be replaced on two windows. Cluster has some pixels missing but is still readable. The car was repainted blue but just on the exterior and not on any of the door jambs or engine bay. Sunroof handle clip is currently broken but all that doesn't seem too bad in my eyes. Its still a sharp looking car that has been treated very well.

I​ got to talking with the owner about his car on a BMW Facebook page where it is also posted for sale and he said he has driven in 39 out of the 50 states, has done multiple cross country road trips, and has crossed over the border to Quebec City. I can take it, he is a well traveled man and done it in a beautiful and luxurious car. with the V12 he could pass everything but the gas station. I give him credit, that must be one thirsty car. I could only image how many fond memories he has put in this car and I'm sure those memories are priceless.

H​e says if he decides to keep the car, which I really hope he does, he wants to do a Florida to Alaska road trip and maybe do a couple more road trips out west since he has yet to venture out that way. Maybe he will take this car and ship it to Hawaii or head to Mexico with it as well. who knows? All I know, is that I'm positive this car won't let him or anyone else down or stranded for a long time. If he gave me the keys and told me to do a cross country road trip, I would do it in a heartbeat. Mileage isn't scary when you take car of vehicles and that is exactly what the owner, Richard did.

I​ will leave the Facebook marketplace ad down below if anyone is interested in buying it. And if you're not, please don't waste the mans time. There is nothing more stressful than people who make empty promises when they say they're interested in a car.

L​iterally, if I did not just pick up this e30 project car and didn't have a techno violet e36 m3 at home that needed a bit of love, (along with a handful of other cars) I would totally fly down to Florida from Connecticut and drive it back up and I know it would not give me a single headache. I'll post down below a link down below of my current e30 project I just picked up, if anyone likes some decent BMW YouTube content.

S​o, my question to you who have made it this far. Would you buy this amazing v12 e38 750iL with over 300k on the clock, for only $3,000? or would you walk away and find something different? let me know in the comments!

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Comments (14)

  • Thanks for the article man. My hope was to get this car to 500k with the original engine and trans.

    I just took the car on a 8 hour drive for work ... another 605 miles added to the clock.. did really good this time 21.2 mpg . sorry for the bad picture left at 3am lol.

      1 year ago
    • What do you do for work?! That’s quite a haul!

        1 year ago
    • data center emergencies. Mainly... With people just haphazardly moving there company servers and data work. is always up , just depends if the payment , distance and time is worth it.

        1 year ago
  • Yes then lose massive amounts of money on it. Because I aspire to be hoovie someday. Lol

      1 year ago
  • Y E S

      1 year ago
    • Amazing car right?! The stories the guy is still telling me is insane. He put so much love into it.

        1 year ago
  • Great article and love the story behind the monster mileage. Would definitely buy it if I was in the US

      1 year ago
  • if I can get the price down. Sure

      1 year ago