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2w ago

W​e all know that I am a budding Land Rover enthusiast. I wrote about my sort of half-assed conversion from modern Jeep to modern Land Rover (in other words I own neither but if I had the money to buy one, I would choose Land Rover). It should be of no surprise than that I enjoy watching content on Land Rovers on YouTube, and specifically on the new Defender. I have watched Simon from powerfulUK for a few years now, but there is another YouTube page that I highly recommend as well if you want to watch the new Defender get dirty and taken off the beaten path (seriously- into the absolutely middle of nowhere).

S​teven Firth is the man behind the shedlock2000 YouTube page and makes some of the best Land Rover content on YouTube today. As he lives in Alberta, Canada, he takes his Defender into the rough and about as far from the Louis Vuitton stores that you see them parked outside of down here in Florida. For fear of giving too much away, Steven is not afraid of getting his Defender dirty!

I​f you wish to subscribe to him, you can find him at "shedlock2000" on YouTube and I will also link his page below so that you can more easily find his page. Please consider giving him a "like, comment, and subscribe" if you are into Land Rovers, off-roading, or just generally enjoyable automotive content, as he has a few other cars feature as well from time to time!


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    • 17 days ago
    • Thanks for this write-up, Max! I’m pleased that I’m providing some entertaining content! It’s all part of building the JLR community; I just do what little I can.

        17 days ago