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1970 c10

4y ago

There's more to this truck than meets the eye, and I feel like that's true for a lot of restoration vehicles. This one here in particular really hits home. Cars and trucks can hold a lot of sentimental value to some people. It's more than just a machine or ride to get you from point A to B. They can bring us close to people we've lost and people we love... But before we share his wonderful story, lets talk about the owner of this beautiful 1970 C10, the man who brought it back to life, Travis Shaw. Travis owns and operates his own shop called SMR Garage, where he can work on different types of vehicles on a daily basis. But there's one specific truck that he holds very dear to his heart. The truck he calls Joker.

Travis is your typical hot rodder, he finds joy in building cars and making them into something amazing. He finds solace in his C10 simply because of the significance it holds. The truck is being built in remembrance of his beautiful sweet baby girl, Presley Daniella Shaw, who passed away on 11/07/14. It's a devastating loss... and as a parent I can only imagine how difficult it must've been to endure something so tragic. But Travis found a way to make it a little less painful and maybe even found a little bit of healing. Every father dreams of having a daughter so she can be "daddy's little girl," and Travis knew deep in his heart that if his daughter was still here today, she'd be getting her hands dirty with him, learning everything he was ready to teach her. So, what better way to honor her memory than to build something for her.

Blood, sweat and tears were shed working on this beast. I'm sure plenty of curse words were said as well. But, that's part of a grease monkeys life. I have a deep admiration for Travis and everything he and the truck stand for... I love the fact the engine is the same color as his daughters bedroom... I mean c'mon y'all how sweet, amazing and kind is that. I can only imagine the huge smile that Presley has on face when she sees her daddy working hard on a truck dedicated to her. Travis and a couple of his buddies have spent countless hours tearing it apart to make it strong again and improve its flaws. Today the truck is pushing about 412 horsepower to the ground with 516 ft/lbs of torque. Which is pretty bitchin' if you ask me. However, he does plan on changing it to a 383 here soon, to make the truck a little more street friendly and a nice everyday driver.

After all, what sounds better than to drive around listening to the engine rumble and knowing that all your hard work has paid off... and you made someone in heaven oh so proud. I pray the C10 has a swift and easy restoration, and it turns out to be the truck that Travis and Presley deserve. I pray that Travis finds fulfillment in knowing that he did it... he made his daughter extremely proud.

From one car enthusiast to another, you're one hell of a guy sir. Your story will forever remain in my heart and I will cherish the fact you gave me the opportunity to share it with others. I thank you for opening up to me and telling me how much this beautiful truck means to you. I'm sure your angel in heaven smiles down on you every day, and she's building hot rods in heaven just like her daddy.

God Bless.

Engine colored the same as Presley's bedroom.

Engine colored the same as Presley's bedroom.

Forever in our hearts.

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  • This is so awesome! my 1985 Chevrolet C-10 is the last of my connection to my grandfather he had a barn full of classic cars (mostly trucks) and tractors and would go out and work on them everyday dusk till dawn before he passed away he gave me his C-10 which was one he bought brand new and he used to let me drive when I was knee high and spent hours on with him repairing it and learning how to wrench on cars as a young boy and giving me an experience I will never forget.... Some people just see transportation or wheels but vehicles can be way more than that

      4 years ago