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For his 80th birthday, could Batman receive this incredible Batmobile?

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Batman is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and to celebrate the event, the Camal Studio in Italy has decided to create a new Batmobile for the Black Knight. Rightly named BAT80, the car (or rather the machine) offers an epic and futuristic design. For example, there is a hood of unrivalled length sculpted by the imposing wheel arches. The cabin, a real cockpit, has a panoramic windscreen. The latter is composed of a multilayer glass that pivots forward when opened.

On the side, the BAT80 highlights its extremely thin lines and sharpened wheel arches. A low slung air intake helps to cool the car's mechanics. The wheels, by the way, are not classic wheels, instead they have rims that can be adapted to any terrain. For example, they simply pull out their claws when conditions are difficult.

It's a far cry from this old Batmobile...

The front is aggressive and particularly intimidating. The horizontal lights give the car a distinctive look, as does the grille with its thin chrome strips. Behind them are radars that allow a transcription of the environment in the form of a three-dimensional hologram. These strips have a continuity on the hood and lead to blue tubes. These interesting shapes are actually part of the engine cooling system which uses liquid nitrogen.

The engine, for its part, runs on an unexpected fuel: particles. That's right, the BAT80 sucks up atoms and through a process more akin to the CERN Large Hadron Collider, hey are sucked up at the front and then accelerated. Somehow this is both a practical and functioning idea...

As for the equipment, the machine has a whole host of gadgets, each one crazier than the other. For example, there are shock wave pistols in the front and side machine-guns that can receive all types of ammunition.

Could this BAT80 be the 'Dark Knights' ultimate ride?

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Comments (5)
  • In my opinion no exhaust pipes for flames indicates a politically correct choice not so consonant with Gotham style: that car could be powered by hydrogen fuel cells with godzilla-size power batteries.

    12 days ago
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  • That thing is butt ugly. The gold canopy is what is really doing it. But even if it were a heavily tainted black it would still be ugly.

    14 days ago
    2 Bumps
    • If the canopy was inset into the rest of the body rather than sitting atop it like some kind of Renault truck cab it would have looked so good.

      12 days ago