For sale: 2007 Chevrolet Impala SS Nascar Racecar

Once again America is home to the most Unusual cars for sale.

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In the land of the Big horsepower, Wide tires and oval/drag racing America is the uncontested king of both events. it is home as well to bargains and affordable sportscars just like the UK (but with much better weather and less restric

One of the things that somebody expects to find on the classifieds is a lightly modified Chevrolet Camaro or a mint condition Porsche 911 for 6 cyphers, However today in Bring a trailer we get this racecar once driven by Jp.Dale

This Nascar racecar is finished in red with a Budweiser livery packing the #8 number in a tubular frame, as well it includes an adjustable front splitter, a long rear overhang, wind strakes, an adjustable spoiler on the rear deck... pretty much the full package if we don't account for the headlights which are replaced by stickers mimicking the ones from a contemporary Chevrolet Impala SS Black Aero wheels feature a yellow pinstripe and are mounted with Hoosier racing slicks. Stopping power is also provided by four-wheel Brembo discs.

One of the things I must highlight about this Nascar car is the engine under the hood, a carbureted 358ci SB2 V8 which can reach up to 850 horsepower at the rear wheels delivered via a 4 speed manual transmision.

The carbureted 358ci SB2 V8 as well counts with a high rpm limit easily hitting over 9k, paired with a relatively light body on the 3.400Lbs mark we can say that... it is one heavy contender when it comes to speak about track cars.

Altough Nascar cars can easily reach up to 210mph without breaking a sweat you can always take the restrictor plates off and get it to hit 244mph without much of a hassle, not to mention that the 2.5 second 0-60 is also pretty punchy considering how many modern track toys can hit it.

This 2007 Chevrolet Impala SS Nascar Racecar is currently under the hammer at so far without no bids put yet.

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