For Sale_Suzuki Hybrid Art (Ignis)

Every year I go to Turin for Salone Auto Torino at Parco Valentino. It's a fixed point in my calendar year.

This is a one-off Ignis designed by Leonardo Giacomo Borgese, a standard 1,2 hybrid Suzuki Ignis underneath its colourful body, and you may remember this car because I've already shared some pictures back in June. I liked the idea of a graffiti car and the model you see leaning on it is a friend. It's currently being auctioned for a good cause because the money raised from the sale will benefit Fondazione Torino Musei and the GAM, modern art museum in Turin.

At the time writing, the car is going for 14.000€ (about $16,000 or £12,400)


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