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For the First time in India, the Clutch-Free MANUAL Transmission a.ka. iMT

The Intelligent Manual Transmission introduced to the India Automobile Industry by Hyundai in its baby SUV, the Venue.

Do you enjoy an occasional enthusiastic drive, the engaging manual experience, but hate having to deal with clutching during city drives? Save the Manual, but at what cost? At the cost of a pain stuck left knee? Well, not any more. With the introduction of the iMT gearbox, you can get rid of that knee pain and still enjoy stick shifting. You see this clutch-free, Intelligent Manual Transmission has existed for quite a while now in the global automobile industry but has just made its debut in India thanks to Hyundai with their Venue.

Hyundai India

Hyundai India

Finally, creating a wedge between the two drastic opposite options that have always existed; the automatic and manual transmission, we have Hyundai to be the first to give the Indian automobile industry the clutch-free manual driving experience. With this gearbox, you get the best of both worlds, the clutch-free experience of the automatic married to the engaging gear shifting experience of the manual transmission. Hyundai calls this gearbox technology the iMT a.k.a the Intelligent Manual Transmission and will provide it only in the Venus' Turbo variant. Yes, since this gearbox has been provided keeping the enthusiastic drivers in mind, it is only available in the more powerful turbo variant of the Venue.

On top of everything, this gearbox has even more goodies to offer with regards to keeping your wallet happy. The iMT will cost less than the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) due to fewer components being used (which obviously includes the absence of that annoying clutch peddle) and the mileage figures are about the same as that of a manual transmission. Driving enthusiast much like myself also enjoy the sequential gearbox that comes with tiptronic or paddle shifters, but the iMT can do even better than these part-manual automatic gearboxes. How? Well imagine yourself engaged in some spritted driving and you have to down-shift from the fifth to the second gear, in a sequential gearbox you would first have to shift to the fourth, then the third and finally arrive at the gear you originally intended. But with the iMT, shifting from the fifth to the third or any other gear is a one-step job as compared to the longer formula-one style paddle shifters we see in our Honda City.

In my video, I explain the working of this amazing iMT Gearbox that will be found in the Venue and why is it something worth looking forward to. Let me know your views in the comment section; do you think this clutch-free gearbox is even required, which would you prefer the Automatic, the Manual or this iMT gearbox and how will the Indian automobile consumers respond to this.

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