For the Future: Keep A Car in The Barn

When electric cars take over the world what can the petrol-head do?

4y ago

It makes me sad that one day every sort of petrol car could stop existing, that there will be no way to drive "the cars of my childhood" on the road, or that it's possible that the next generation of car enthusiasts - electro-heads? iHeads? Public transport-heads? - will never hear the nice growl of a V8 engine. So when I heard that Germany's Green Party wants to ban all petrol and diesel cars in 2030 I was shocked. This was quickly overruled by annoyance.

Yes, emission free cars are the future, boring reason here and so on, but for the greater mass of people to buy those they need to be better than their current rivals. People will automatically go for the better and cheaper option, no matter the engine. So the government shouldn't award drivers for chopping off their leg, but should support car-makers to make eCars better. Since that is a concept no government seemed to have heard of they suggested banning all new petrol cars instead.

This leaves the chap and lady chap behind who enjoys a car for the car's sake. Our heads are very simple wired: we like RWD despite the uselessness on snow. We like manual, despite driving one-handed in a city. We like petrol even though it has a rubbish fuel consumption. We love it. We're the small batch of people who enjoy cars as a hobby and not only as the easiest way to get from A to B with a possible stop at C.

It's not the first time that your usual way of getting around has been replaced by something else: In the olde days you went everywhere on foot, bicycle or on a horse. Then the car came along and people realized that it was more practical. So the horse was reduced to a hobby. If - in today's world - you would use your horse to get to work, do the shopping or visit a friend you'd be laughed at. And yet you are still able to have a horse. It should be the same with petrol cars.

The cars of the past - Credit: JM (NOT James May)

The cars of the past - Credit: JM (NOT James May)

Let's assume that the eCar of the future is going to be better, and people love it so much that it becomes the most common way of transportation. Then your seasoned petrol-head will have some crappy eCar to get where they need to go, but joys of joys on a Sunday morning you'll fire up the GTi and go bonkers.

It's the same with horses today: Some won't be able to afford it - those will have little models in their flat, and a horse/car poster framed on the wall. This leaves a few people who can and are willing to spend money on the food (hay, petrol), the space (barn, garage), services (vet, mechanic) and buying a fancy blanket to keep it warm at night. Maybe there are going to be car-barns so the chap and lady chap who can't afford a petrol horse alone can share with others. This rather small group using a petrol car for fun can't be of the same magnitude than right now.

The horses of the future? - yes, those are car models

The horses of the future? - yes, those are car models

If the government is sure that they can have good eCars by 2025 in Norway, 2030 in Germany, and one can guess 2100 in The States, then you won't have to ban the petrol car. Why would the greater mass get a car that is worse? It's like buying a horse to get to the shops. Nobody does that!

How can you convince the government of that? How can you convince them that they need to support car makers and not give people money for buying a worse car? I am afraid, you can't ... They have their plans and I am not sure if they live in the same world as we do. The lefties want to ban all cars, the righties want to ban immigrants. Meanwhile the conservatives are trying to figure out what electricity is ...


Get your dream petrol car a year before the ban. Then with a bleeding heart watch them ban new petrol cars, and ride it out until eCars get better. Capitalism should help you with that: the eCar with the best range, comfort and prize will be the car people are going to buy. But BMW can't have that, at least that's what VW thinks. So they will make something better and so on. Hope that the ban will be lifted at some point because only the delusional would think about owning a petrol car.

That would be you.

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