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4y ago

My name is Curtis, and unlike the beginning of every school year I’ll do my best to hold back from standing up and blurting out my favourite hobby, or an interesting fact about me. Instead I think I’ll just explain who I am and why I’m doing this, that way you won’t have to read as much and I won’t have to write as much. It’s a win win.

So who am I?

Just a young guy who’s interested in cars & loves to write.

Ever since I could scribble a half eligible paragraph I’ve always enjoyed writing. So why not combine two of my most favourite things and write articles for all us nutty car guys (and gals) and anyone else who will listen. Don’t worry, more car stuff below.

For as long as I can remember I have always been besotted with cars. Nothing could ever top the joy of a car. A car is so much, it’s the masculine thunder of an engine. The majestic elegance of every taper and curve in the bodywork. The hours of pedantic seconds spent designing every tiny aspect. A car is a masterpiece ablaze, it is alluring beauty and flaming passion combined in a single object. In other words, I like cars.

Of course as with most car lovers in my generation, my infatuation with cars was partly kept strong because of a certain television program. I can never remember not being an avid watcher of that top class, highly factual, motoring show. Which was always full to the brim with consumer advise has always been produced at a high cog quality. That is until very recently. When strangely, I found myself unable to continue in persistent viewing due to developing a painful earache for unknown reasons. Though I have a feeling that the grand demand I have for a good motoring show will soon be fulfilled once again.

Now for the other part, why am I doing this?

Well besides the fact a mate asked me to, and the potential prospects of fame and fortune, the true answer to this question is very simple. Why am I doing this?

For the love of cars.

Who wouldn’t?

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