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What I Do, and why I'm here

4y ago

Well, I'm thoroughly chuffed to be here and many thanks to Jeremy, James and Richard for asking as all to be part of Drive Tribe. I'm Dave, an independent car reviewer and writer.

I've had the pleasure of working with, albeit remotely, with Jeremy and James at two festivals held at Sydney Motorsport Park, in my role as the circuit's anchor commentator and performed that role with my good mate John. I'm Sydney based, born in Perth, and that's where I started in both car reviews and in motorsport commentary thanks to a radio show (where the review stuff started....sound familiar?). I've been on TV, was included in the final cut of the tv version of the first festival in 2013 plus made the top 250 (from over 4500) for the initial hosting position of the show of the show these three made famous. I'm keen to work with all car lovers from around the world and again, bloody proud to be included in this.

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