Force India 2018 concept livery vote: Pick your favourite now

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    Force India 2018 concept livery vote: Pick your favourite now

    Comments (6)
    Rob Burnett posted in
    Home Of F1

    Force India are the undisputed kings of the pitlane when it comes to extracting maximum bang for your buck.

    Not among the highest spenders in the pitlane (by a long chalk) the Silverstone speedsters consistently punch well above their weight in the championship and again this year they were beaten only by Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull in the Constructors' title race.

    They are also innovative when it comes to sponsorship and before the season had even started they surprised everyone when they unveiled a brand new pink livery, thanks to a new deal with title sponsors BWT.

    It was one of the most striking cars on the grid - and as part of our voting series on next year's liveries, our designer Sean Bull has got his work cut out when it comes to creating an updated version for 2018.

    Hopefully you know the format by now: Sean has knocked up the six designs below. You vote for your favourite and Sean will then create a full livery from all angles, based on the winner.

    Click the button in the top right corner of your favourite to vote for it.

    Vote above for your favourite and have your say below in the comments - and see below for Sean's previous efforts on Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing:

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    Comments (6)
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